Saturday, March 19, 2016

Top 3 Music Inspired Rings That I Love

Scrolling Pinterest with no particular ideas to search, I came across some cute music jewelries, cute music rings. They are so lovely, that I can’t help but admire them, though it is intended for musically inclined persons, but as a person with no music streaming on my blood, I still consider wearing them, this is a free country anyway. So here are the Top  Three (3) Rings on my list;

Handmade Treble Clef
This piece was handmade using silver jewelries. This is one of the project I wanted to try for myself. I hope to practice them soon.


Heart and Treble Clef
A unique piece of jewelry that combines, music and heart.


Musical Note and Treble Clef
This is the piece of jewelry that I am so in love with, a musical note and a treble clef ring. How the crystal stones were elaborately set, they are just perfect and looking at the color it a rose gold finish, and added plus for me. So Loved!

These cute pieces will look great on the fingers even while playing the Brazilian Rosewood Guitar .

Anyway, there are still other music inspired rings to choose from and so far these are my favorites.  

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