Thursday, March 3, 2016

Czech Glass Beads

Over the years, I’ve been handcrafting jewelries choosing only crystals that I and my clients are familiar with. Though I was able to create elegant pieces, I felt like there is something missing. I thought of stepping out of my comfort zone and try something different, venturing for new materials like Czech glass beads and get into the intricate world of bead stringing. Beaded jewelries, beadwork or bead stringing with medium to complex patterns is said to be challenging yet addictive.

But first let us define what beads are? Beads are actually cute small objects made from various materials that are molded into different shapes and sizes drilled with a small hole for stringing or lacing. Beads can either made from natural components such as stones, minerals, shells, bones, corals, ivories, horns, woods, seeds, etc. or synthetic materials such as glass, ceramics and metal alloys. Either of these mentioned materials can be transformed into beautiful jewelries.

Glass bead or the glass beadmaking is one of the earliest forms of human art. Evidences have shown that during the Roman era, some 3,000 years back, glass beads were already used as jewelries. Over the years, glass beads have significantly evolved and manufacturers are working harder to produce the best.
Czech Republic is well known for its Czech glass beads. Located in the Northern Region, the country holds up their tradition for hundreds of years in the glass bead industry. The Czech glass bead is one of the best main components for handmade jewelries, the striking colors, unique yet perfect shapes and the superb sheen are some of the features that make Czech glass beads really stand out.

There are so many jewelry making materials in the market today but as an aspiring artisan myself, I believe choosing the highest quality is the top priority. Czech glass beads are really the best choice for my next adventure to beaded jewelries. 

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  1. First time I've heard of Czech glass beads... are they already available in the Philippines? They are so beautiful and looks exciting!


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