Monday, February 1, 2016

Handmade Jewelries for Our Returning Client

Getting a positive feedback from your clients and actually returning to order again your creations are the best feelings of a handmade artisan like me. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you already know that most of the handmade jewelries posted here are made by yours truly and some by my husband who is already learning the craft.

Our jewelries were handcrafted with care and love using authentic Swarovski Crystals from my trusted supplier in Manila and 14/20 gold filled components. You’ll probably notice that our prices are a little bit high, compared to others (if there are any) because of the materials that we are using. As much as possible, we want our jewelries to be durable (that can withstand everyday use) and of course quality made, that is why we are using thicker wires to connect all those crystals together.

So much of justifying our craft, last November 2015 I got a message from a previous client Elen (she’s one of the ladies who I made jewelries for aside from my SIL circle of customers), she grabbed photos from this blog then sent it to me, asking me to make the same. I computed the cost and sent it to her, I did not expect her to deposit, the full payment right away, surprisingly, she did! I checked my account online, and voila a P2, 800+ was credited.

That night, I stayed late. I wanted to send the items before my scheduled seminar in Manila. Sadly, I ran out of materials for the last earring. I asked Ms. Elen if it’s okay if I’ll substitute other colors, or if she is willing to wait until my return. She graciously agreed to the latter.

Five days later, all of the items were sent via LBC and were delivered to the lovely recipient the next day. And she immediately sent this message.

Wow! Thank so much for appreciating my hard work. I made these jewelries with patience, passion and love.

Just a little reminder...

“Handmade products are not cheap, because the materials alone are expensive + the patience and dedication we put into each piece is priceless.” 

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