Monday, September 26, 2016

Keyboard + Stand

I have mentioned before that I purchased a cheap keyboard for the purpose of, to encourage my kids to play the keys. I have no inclination to music, though I love to listen to music, and singing along using my out of tune voice. I am wondering if my kids will have some even a little musicality in their blood since my father is good in singing.

So I’m starting with a keyboard and hope to try the others, for now an arst keyboard stand is what I badly need.

Oh wait… music is very essential to in making handmade jewelries, for I hope to sing-along while creating cute jewelries using my artistic hand.

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Transform Used Guitar Strings and Picks Into Unique Jewelries

Browsing the internet I found some cute handmade jewelries that were made using old musical instrument parts.

 Take for example the guitar strings, when this stranded wire breaks on your ibanez guitar, you have to replace it to produce the best sound, and the damage strings will end up in the trash. But wait, this trash can actually transform into unique and lovely handmade jewelries.
How about a guitar string bracelet? This one from Pinterest definitely looks lovely. And don’t try away those used pick because you can transform them into pretty dangling earrings or and a uniquely looking pendant.  

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

DOTS Inspired Necklace

For the Love of the Descendants of the Sun, I ordered this DOTS inspired necklace from my supplier. It’s a gold-plated stainless steel jewelry that is hypoallergenic and non-tarnishing.

Though it’s not really the same as the one from J.Estina that Song Joong-Ki gave to Song Hye-Kyo, this is already on the same theme. Pwede na!

I wondered when can my supplier get an almost the same inspired necklace. I hope soon, though the Descendants of the Sun Korean series has ended, the fashion sense still lingers.

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Looking for Music Inspired Jewelries for My Online Shop

Lately, I have put up a jewelry online shop. Aside from creating more handmade jewelries, which I plan to put more time on soon, I am also selling stainless steel jewelries and Bangkok rose-gold jewelries. They are the trends today, though many are selling the same, I tried setting my price as affordable as possible sacrificing the bigger profit I can gain.

I am also looking for music inspired jewelries like guitar center austin that are affordable yet good quality. Soon when I found some, I’ll be expanding my online shop as well.   

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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Top 3 Music Inspired Rings That I Love

Scrolling Pinterest with no particular ideas to search, I came across some cute music jewelries, cute music rings. They are so lovely, that I can’t help but admire them, though it is intended for musically inclined persons, but as a person with no music streaming on my blood, I still consider wearing them, this is a free country anyway. So here are the Top  Three (3) Rings on my list;

Handmade Treble Clef
This piece was handmade using silver jewelries. This is one of the project I wanted to try for myself. I hope to practice them soon.


Heart and Treble Clef
A unique piece of jewelry that combines, music and heart.


Musical Note and Treble Clef
This is the piece of jewelry that I am so in love with, a musical note and a treble clef ring. How the crystal stones were elaborately set, they are just perfect and looking at the color it a rose gold finish, and added plus for me. So Loved!

These cute pieces will look great on the fingers even while playing the Brazilian Rosewood Guitar .

Anyway, there are still other music inspired rings to choose from and so far these are my favorites.  

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Czech Glass Beads

Over the years, I’ve been handcrafting jewelries choosing only crystals that I and my clients are familiar with. Though I was able to create elegant pieces, I felt like there is something missing. I thought of stepping out of my comfort zone and try something different, venturing for new materials like Czech glass beads and get into the intricate world of bead stringing. Beaded jewelries, beadwork or bead stringing with medium to complex patterns is said to be challenging yet addictive.

But first let us define what beads are? Beads are actually cute small objects made from various materials that are molded into different shapes and sizes drilled with a small hole for stringing or lacing. Beads can either made from natural components such as stones, minerals, shells, bones, corals, ivories, horns, woods, seeds, etc. or synthetic materials such as glass, ceramics and metal alloys. Either of these mentioned materials can be transformed into beautiful jewelries.

Glass bead or the glass beadmaking is one of the earliest forms of human art. Evidences have shown that during the Roman era, some 3,000 years back, glass beads were already used as jewelries. Over the years, glass beads have significantly evolved and manufacturers are working harder to produce the best.
Czech Republic is well known for its Czech glass beads. Located in the Northern Region, the country holds up their tradition for hundreds of years in the glass bead industry. The Czech glass bead is one of the best main components for handmade jewelries, the striking colors, unique yet perfect shapes and the superb sheen are some of the features that make Czech glass beads really stand out.

There are so many jewelry making materials in the market today but as an aspiring artisan myself, I believe choosing the highest quality is the top priority. Czech glass beads are really the best choice for my next adventure to beaded jewelries. 

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Handmade Jewelries for Our Returning Client

Getting a positive feedback from your clients and actually returning to order again your creations are the best feelings of a handmade artisan like me. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you already know that most of the handmade jewelries posted here are made by yours truly and some by my husband who is already learning the craft.

Our jewelries were handcrafted with care and love using authentic Swarovski Crystals from my trusted supplier in Manila and 14/20 gold filled components. You’ll probably notice that our prices are a little bit high, compared to others (if there are any) because of the materials that we are using. As much as possible, we want our jewelries to be durable (that can withstand everyday use) and of course quality made, that is why we are using thicker wires to connect all those crystals together.

So much of justifying our craft, last November 2015 I got a message from a previous client Elen (she’s one of the ladies who I made jewelries for aside from my SIL circle of customers), she grabbed photos from this blog then sent it to me, asking me to make the same. I computed the cost and sent it to her, I did not expect her to deposit, the full payment right away, surprisingly, she did! I checked my account online, and voila a P2, 800+ was credited.

That night, I stayed late. I wanted to send the items before my scheduled seminar in Manila. Sadly, I ran out of materials for the last earring. I asked Ms. Elen if it’s okay if I’ll substitute other colors, or if she is willing to wait until my return. She graciously agreed to the latter.

Five days later, all of the items were sent via LBC and were delivered to the lovely recipient the next day. And she immediately sent this message.

Wow! Thank so much for appreciating my hard work. I made these jewelries with patience, passion and love.

Just a little reminder...

“Handmade products are not cheap, because the materials alone are expensive + the patience and dedication we put into each piece is priceless.” 

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Swarovski Classic Catholic Bracelet

To kick off this year’s series of handmade jewelries, I used one of the new shapes under the Swarovski Elements Fall/Winter 2015-2016 Innovations, the Cross Bead (No. 5378).

I got these two colors of 18mm Cross Bead in crystal AB and golden shadow last month from my supplier and I longed to make them into rosary bracelets.

Yesterday, since I stayed home the whole day (I applied for sick leave from work, since my leg still hurts due to the tear of tendon), I was able to make these two bracelets. 

Classic Catholic Rosary bracelets of 10 Hail Mary 6mm faceted Round Beads (No. 5000) Swarovski Crystals, a crucifix (the cross bead crystal) joined together using 14 karat gold-filled wire and other components (ball spacer and lobster lock).

These quality handcrafted jewelries, made with passion by yours truly.

Product Code: JCB-77

SRP: P710.00

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Friday, January 1, 2016

Hello New Year 2016

We said our goodbyes to 2015, in spite of the ups and downs, I still thank God for the wonderful year.
Here comes 2016, a warm welcome to you! I am looking forward for a great and exciting time with you!

This year I am planning to develop more the other side of myself, the “artistic side” I believe. I am planning together with my husband to do more handmade jewelries that I have put on hold in 2015. Though we were able to do and fulfill the orders that came in but haven’t ventured to create new designs.

So this year our primary goal is to

And hopefully, this sideline of ours will give us not only additional income, but as well as happiness to those who wear them. Because…

Have Creative Year 2016 Everyone! 

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