Monday, December 7, 2015

Lucky Charm, Lucky Chinese Bracelet

I happened to be in Metro Manila on November 25 – 29, 2015 to attend a seminar. A once in a blue moon opportunity because I am one employee who is seldom sent to seminars and convention especially held in the Metro.

Since, I am already there I made sure to visit my jewelry supplier in Divisoria during my free time. I checked out her latest Swarovski Crystals and other jewelries available that I can purchase and sell back home.

Ms. K and I do our transactions online, thru Viber or WeChat. She sends me pictures of her latest stocks, I choose and send the pictures back, transfer my payment thru internet banking and after that she sends the stocks to me. This is how business works these days because of technology.

Wonder what that bracelet is all about? Well, Ms. K gave that to me as a Christmas gift. She is one generous lady because I always receive one from her every December. Winks*

According to her, the bracelet is a good luck charm for female born under the Chinese Zodiac Sign “Snake”. I am one lucky girl to receive it, and hope this will really bring more luck in the coming years.

Who knows, I’ll end up like her, with my own jewelry/accessory shop.

To Ms. K, Thank you so much. Love and kisses for you… 


  1. Nice lucky charm.
    I agree, that nowadays, business transaction becomes more easy and comfortable because of technology. Just like our "mini-online shop". They will place an order, sends payment then we send the item.

  2. Super nice ng mga bracelets mo sis. Cutie! :)


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