Thursday, November 12, 2015

DIY Sewing: Christmas Curtain

Christmas is really approaching so fast before we knew it is already the 25th of December, the birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ. Everyone must have decorated their houses with Christmas trees, lights, lanterns, nativity scene, etc. Ours are green garlands at the edge of the ceiling in blue-silver accent and my newly sewn Christmas window curtains.

Yep! I did another sewing project last week, a simple one, just like the first time because I don’t have enough time to venture too much complicated projects yet.

I was supposed to buy a blue and white cloth to match with “Frozen” inspired birthday party that the I am planning for my kids’ birthday celebration when I spotted this Christmas print Geena earth fabric.
Hmmm… Why not get a curtain fabric that will not only be hanged just for the birthday of my kids but until the Christmas day. Good choice for me, just like hitting two birds in one stone.

There are lot of Christmas print fabrics displayed in Gaisano Mall but I chose something with color blue.

Like what I have done before, I pre-cut everything, ironed, drew lines before the sewing proper. You know, it’s easier and faster to sew when everything is all-ready.

With only a few hours, the 11 pieces 15 inches in length curtain are done and ready to be hanged.

The following day, I asked our two girls in the house to hang them. When I arrived home after work, my sewing project is already well hanged. Mission Accomplished!  


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