Monday, November 2, 2015

DIY Party Decor: Pompom or Paper Balls

Pompom balls made from tissue paper are definitely a cute décor for a kids party or any other occasions. A few days to go and we’ll be having a little double celebration at home, the birthday bash of our two little bundles of joy. Our little boy is turning 5 and our little girl will be 2. And were a little busy right now for the DIY decors and preparations.

Most of the tutorials I have seen are using tissue paper, and here in the Philippines I can’t find tissue papers like those shown in the tutorials from abroad. Instead, craft paper called Japanese papers are what we have here (I just do not know if the tissue paper they are referring to and the Japanese paper are the same thing). Anyway, I’ll make use with the available materials locally.

The materials needed are the following:

-Japanese Paper
- Yarn
- Scissors
- Clothespin


And this is the steps in making them:

1. Since the Japanese paper has a 20” by 30” dimension, fold and cut the paper into 4 equal parts, resulting to a 10” by 15” individual sheets.

2. Pile the sheets alternately (blue, white, blue, white and so on) until you have a total of 16 sheets. 

3. Starting from one end, fold the sheets by one inch in an accordion style. Fold, flip over the fold, flip again, then fold and so on until you have folded the whole sheets. 

4. Using the clothespin, clip the folded sheets to help it stay in place and tie a piece of yarn in the middle. 

5. Cut the edges of the sheets using the scissors into rounded shape or any shape you want. The point is, to make the pompom look more stylish. 

This how it will look like after.

6. Slowly pull one sheet from the rest from one side,

and then the other side until you separate all the layers from each other

and finally you'll have a fluffly paper ball.

See, I already have two blue and white paper balls done, and my girl's caregiver is currently making few more.

See for yourself how these cute paper balls cheerfully hanging soon. See yah!


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