Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Nail Art: Brown and Glittery French Tip Nails

The busy schedule cannot allow me to go on with my almost forgotten artistic side, the nail art passion. I opted for manicures with plain nail colors, easy to apply yet choosing the uncommon colors for my age. 

It’s been more than a year that I haven’t done nail art. I already missed that side of myself.

The other night, I had a change of heart and revived that other side. Instead of hand painting designs on them, I tried a French tip manicure for now. My hands are very stiff and cannot manage every brush stroke, need to practice more again.

Digging into my stash, I found a brown polish from L.A. Colors (I have only used this twice before). The original plan was to make a thin French tip nails (as in sa tip langtalaga) but because I have less control, the brush slipped, hence, French tips that cover half of the nails were created.

To add elegance to the error produced French tips, I applied colorless polish with glitters from Caronia. And the result was quite pretty and classy.

I just love my manicured nails! Haha! Loving my own work with an eye winking!

Until next time.J


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