Monday, August 17, 2015

DIY Sewing Project: Queen-size Foam Cover

Remember the first project I made? I was so bold and optimistic I can pull it off. Luckily in the end, I was able to complete the project. Although, not the perfect one, but served its purpose that until now, it is still nice and well.

When I told hubby that I’ll try sewing a foam cover than buying a ready-made which I presumed very expensive, he immediately bought not only one, but two sets of cloth that are intended for blankets and bed sheets (because of the width). Na pressure tuloy ako. That means I have to make two.

Months after the 1st project, on a fine Sunday, I finally got the other cloth and sew another foam cover.

Because of the size, I have to spread, do the measurements and cuttings on the floor.

zipper and sidings
Since, I already did this once plus some of the sewing projects I did, I am very confident to finish this off nice and easy.

I started cutting and sewing after lunch on a Sunday afternoon and by 6pm it was all done, in spite of the kids trying to catch my attention.  Our queen size foam now has another dress.

What’s next? How about repurposing or upcycling? Hmm, let’s see so stay tuned. J 

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Friday, August 7, 2015

DIY Sewing Project: Little Girl’s Pajamas

If you haven’t started learning sewing yet, you better do it now, I assure it is really fun and exciting. Yep! I really am enjoying this craft. If only I have a lot of extra time, I could have done a lot and better yet join classes and learn how to sew dresses.

For now, I make use of the time I have at night when the kids are already in bed and make simple sewing projects. 

What should I do next? Well, I bought a meter of floral cotton cloth at P80/meter and made two pajamas for my little girl.

Of course, I do not know how to make patterns in the right way so instead, I used one of my girl’s pants as a guide and cut the cloth of course with allowance and a little longer, the girl have gotten taller.

And after cutting I am now ready to sew. As usual with the trial and error trying to figure out which one to run stitches first, next and so on. Well, frankly, I had to remove stitches using seam ripper and re-run the needle again for few times. But it was okay since it was part of the learning process.

And after 2 or 3 hours, the pajamas were all done. 

The next day, the most exciting part is seeing the little girl wearing it. Just the perfect fit for her. J

O di ba? Talikodgenic ang peg.

What are you waiting for, open that box now and start learning the art of sewing. :-)

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