Saturday, July 11, 2015

DIY Sewing: Envelop Throw Pillowcases

Sewing is really so much fun, especially after every project that I put my heart into makes me really really proud and relieved. Proud of myself that after a few practices, I who has zero skill in sewing can actually make something from scratch.

After my simple curtain and boy short pants projects, pillowcases I think is a good project to practice. It doesn’t require much, just few straight stitches and a bucket of patience. 

Going from one fabric roll to another for 30 minutes, I finally decided to get these prints for my throw pillow project. I want something, with abstract or unique design, but I can’t find any so I settled with these. I bought a meter for each color, 1 meter of 60 width cloth can make 2 pieces of throw pillowcase.

I chose to make an envelope type throw pillow cases, since I am no good at attaching zipper. Now for the measurements;

The front face of the pillowcase, I measured 19 x 19 inches (my throw pillow measures 17x17) while the back portion comprises of two cuts 10x19 and 14x19 inches. The cuttings already include the allowance for folding and sewing.  

As a beginner, I really need to iron the cloth before sewing, especially the side that needs folding, it’s part of the procedure.

Like what I did with the curtain, I pre-cut everything, ironed the sides, readied everything before hopping into the sewing machine.  

The sewing part is becoming very easy for me now, as long as I guide the cloth slowly but surely, I am confident I can make straighter stitches. This time I wanted my pillowcases to be durable, hence, I ran the needle twice on each side. 

And after 1 week of cutting, iron and sewing I finally completed the project. I made 6 pillowcases 2 for each color. Why it took me a week to finish? Well, I am a corporate employee, a mother and my only time to sew is at night after my kids are asleep.

The next project will be, girl’s pajamas. 

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