Wednesday, May 20, 2015

DIY Sewing Project: Simple Window Curtains

Since I already have my sewing machine, I won’t be contented only with the 1st project I made. I have to go on and do more projects in the future, after all that is the reason why I got the machine in the first place.

But to do that more complicated project, of course I have to start with simple ones, since I have zero skill in sewing. 

What did I choose for the 2nd project? Well, I chose to make simple window curtains. Simple that only requires one kind of fabric, a flat iron, and a sewing machine.

I went to Gaisano City and got an inexpensive Geena Earth cloth that is usually used in making curtains sold in a local department store and thread that will match the fabric color. Later that night, I waited until the kids were asleep, then started my project.

First, I had to iron some areas of the fabric that were wrinkled, measure about 22inches in length, not touching the full width of the fabric on 60”. The 2 of 1 inch is allowable measurement for the edging, the 4 inches I allotted for the top part where the curtain bars will be placed.

Since, I am no expert yet in guiding the fabric for straight stitches using the sewing machine, I had to fold, then iron the edges where I intended to run the needle. Then finally sew the fabric slowly but surely. Yet, I still have about 50% crooked stitches, huh! I need more more practice to get them straight and clean.

After few minutes, tadaaaa! I already made my first simple window curtain.

The next series of so called ‘working nights’ after the kids were in bed, I did the following; cut the rest of the fabric until I have 9 pre-cuts (we have 10 small window panes in total), iron them the next night, and then started sewing for 3 more nights. Overall, I made 10 pieces of curtains in 6 nights. Huh! Not bad I think for a working mom.

Here they are now, already hanged on our windows, still using plastic straw strings because until now I don’t have wooden or metal bars for our window curtains yet.

Anyway, making this project is indeed economical and satisfying. Economical in the sense that, with the 6 meters polyester printed fabric @ P32/meter (P192.00) turned into 10 pieces of 16 inches drop curtains + the thread @ P25. A total of P217 + 6 nights of sewing, indeed I saved about P683.00 because 1 curtain of this kind is sold around P90.00 here in the city. Satisfying because I got to learn another skill to add my other self-learned skills. Yikes! jack of all trades, master of none.. that’s me.. hehehe.

Next time is a simple short-pants for my little boy. Until then!

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Nail Polish: Bench Wonder Woman Duo (Warrior Princess)

I happened to drop by at Bench the other day, checking out for the cotton undies that I always love when I spotted this cute nail polish duo near the counter.

I don’t have plans on getting a new bottle of nail polish because, I am currently utilizing what I have in my stash that I have purchased a few months/years back when I was so addicted to nail art. But this duo is an exemption, a must try I suppose, hence, I included them in my purchase that day.

My busy schedules these days, does not allow me to clean and paint my nails by myself. I had to get a  few hours every two weeks to visit my favorite salon near the office.

Joy, my favorite “manicurista”does the manicure and pedicure, and every time I visit the salon I bring with me my own nail polish for her to apply on my nails.

Since I just purchased a new set of nail polish from Bench, The Wonder Woman Nail Polish Duo – Warrior Princess,  might as well try them on.

The duo consisted of a sweet shimmering pinkish hue and a lighter shade of gold with fine glittery polish.

For me to wear the two colors at the same time, I opted for accent nails.

The single to double coat is not enough to get full opacity, hence, I went for 3 coating to get this result.

The Warrior Princess Duo looks pretty on my short trimmed nails. And I am sure to use this set from time to time. 

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