Monday, January 26, 2015

Birthday Gift: Jade and Rose Quartz Bangles

One of the few things I wanted to buy as a souvenir in our China trip last year was a jade bangle. But when we arrived in the marketplace, I was mesmerized how abundant the accessories were in color green, the problem was, I can’t identify which ones were real which ones were fake. In the end, I went home without anything made of jade.

On my birthday, hubby made my wish come true, by getting me a jade bangle. Yep! A jade bangle that I chose myself. Hehehe

Actually, I ordered it from my supplier in Manila to get a big discount and hubby will be the one to pay it. Sayang ang discount lol!

And not only a jade bangle, I also got a rose quartz bangle! Yippeee!

Do you know that these precious stones actually have meanings?

Accordingly, Jade is a distinctive stone that promotes wisdom and  peace. A gemstone of stability and healing that relieves anxiety, lighten moods brought about by fear. It calms the nervous system, cleanses the blood and helpful for the kidneys spiritually. It blocks away negative energy or negative influences that may affect the wearer of the stone and attracts friendship and good luck. Jades is said to uphold courage, justice and love. Jade has a lot of colors, green ones are said to be special to people born under the astrological signs of Pisces, Gemini, Scorpio and Aquarius.

I am an Aquarian, probably the reason why I really want it.

Rose quartz on the other hand is called the “Love Stone”, a stone for all kinds of love, like romantic, family, self-love, platonic and unconditional love. It has the strong and high energy to enhance love in any situation. Because of this characteristic, rose quartz are usually used for love spells and charms to attract love. It is also used to heal traumas and emotional wounds in crystal healing spiritually.  

Wow! I never have known that these stones have special meaning and healing properties, until today. Glad I made the right choice and chose Jade and Rose quartz as my new accessories. J

Thank you dearest husband J for the birthday gift and for your unending love to me and our children. Love you so much!

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Cute Crochet Pouch

My sister-in-law (SIL) is also a certified crochet buff. She also did a number of crochet stuffs for personal use only and prefers working with crochet mercerized cotton thread. Three weeks ago, she gave me one of her handmade craft. A crochet pouch of cute color combination of brown, golden yellow and orange. A cute combination that I surely choose among others.

Ate Aydz probably have known what the pouch she gave me is for, because my Samsung Note 3 really fits it well.


The pouch is my smartphone’s companion from now on, after I took out the flip cover that I bought right after I got the phone from Globe. I’m am using a jelly protector for a change.

Thanks ate Aydz for this cute crochet pouch. J

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Swarovski Handmade Bangle Bracelet & Earring Set for Ninang Malou

2014 was definitely a good year for us when it comes to our small sideline, the jewelry handcrafting. Especially the last month of the year wherein we had orders coming in from friends and returning clients. Hubby already learned the craft an in actively helping me (after several push).

This year, 2015, because we are a team now, we promise to continue making our products to the best of quality, made from the patience and the love of the craft.   

We started the year with a few pieces made for our Godmother. She wanted the same bangle I did last year, but of different colors. But instead of the doing the usually color arrangement, I made her a multicolored arranged in diagonal stripes.

This is actually my first time to make it in this set-up. Imagine the fulfillment I felt, when I finished the bangle by past midnight. It was incredibly awesome! The result was really, really great at least for me. Especially after I paired it with a set of hoop earrings.

The next day, hubby delivered it to her. I texted her beforehand and is anxiously waiting for her feedback. And indeed she loved it! Everything I did for her the previous night, she so so loved.

Thank you so much Ma’am Ninang! I am positive that  you’ll like the bangle and earring set, but I have worries that these two will not pass your taste. But I was wrong, you did like them too. Yippee!

The pieces above are handmade using authentic Swarovski crystal beads and 14k gold filled wires. I used thicker wires to ensure quality. If you love them too, don’t hesitate to drop me a line. 

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