Monday, December 7, 2015

Lucky Charm, Lucky Chinese Bracelet

I happened to be in Metro Manila on November 25 – 29, 2015 to attend a seminar. A once in a blue moon opportunity because I am one employee who is seldom sent to seminars and convention especially held in the Metro.

Since, I am already there I made sure to visit my jewelry supplier in Divisoria during my free time. I checked out her latest Swarovski Crystals and other jewelries available that I can purchase and sell back home.

Ms. K and I do our transactions online, thru Viber or WeChat. She sends me pictures of her latest stocks, I choose and send the pictures back, transfer my payment thru internet banking and after that she sends the stocks to me. This is how business works these days because of technology.

Wonder what that bracelet is all about? Well, Ms. K gave that to me as a Christmas gift. She is one generous lady because I always receive one from her every December. Winks*

According to her, the bracelet is a good luck charm for female born under the Chinese Zodiac Sign “Snake”. I am one lucky girl to receive it, and hope this will really bring more luck in the coming years.

Who knows, I’ll end up like her, with my own jewelry/accessory shop.

To Ms. K, Thank you so much. Love and kisses for you… 

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

DIY Sewing: Christmas Curtain

Christmas is really approaching so fast before we knew it is already the 25th of December, the birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ. Everyone must have decorated their houses with Christmas trees, lights, lanterns, nativity scene, etc. Ours are green garlands at the edge of the ceiling in blue-silver accent and my newly sewn Christmas window curtains.

Yep! I did another sewing project last week, a simple one, just like the first time because I don’t have enough time to venture too much complicated projects yet.

I was supposed to buy a blue and white cloth to match with “Frozen” inspired birthday party that the I am planning for my kids’ birthday celebration when I spotted this Christmas print Geena earth fabric.
Hmmm… Why not get a curtain fabric that will not only be hanged just for the birthday of my kids but until the Christmas day. Good choice for me, just like hitting two birds in one stone.

There are lot of Christmas print fabrics displayed in Gaisano Mall but I chose something with color blue.

Like what I have done before, I pre-cut everything, ironed, drew lines before the sewing proper. You know, it’s easier and faster to sew when everything is all-ready.

With only a few hours, the 11 pieces 15 inches in length curtain are done and ready to be hanged.

The following day, I asked our two girls in the house to hang them. When I arrived home after work, my sewing project is already well hanged. Mission Accomplished!  

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Monday, November 2, 2015

DIY Party Decor: Pompom or Paper Balls

Pompom balls made from tissue paper are definitely a cute décor for a kids party or any other occasions. A few days to go and we’ll be having a little double celebration at home, the birthday bash of our two little bundles of joy. Our little boy is turning 5 and our little girl will be 2. And were a little busy right now for the DIY decors and preparations.

Most of the tutorials I have seen are using tissue paper, and here in the Philippines I can’t find tissue papers like those shown in the tutorials from abroad. Instead, craft paper called Japanese papers are what we have here (I just do not know if the tissue paper they are referring to and the Japanese paper are the same thing). Anyway, I’ll make use with the available materials locally.

The materials needed are the following:

-Japanese Paper
- Yarn
- Scissors
- Clothespin


And this is the steps in making them:

1. Since the Japanese paper has a 20” by 30” dimension, fold and cut the paper into 4 equal parts, resulting to a 10” by 15” individual sheets.

2. Pile the sheets alternately (blue, white, blue, white and so on) until you have a total of 16 sheets. 

3. Starting from one end, fold the sheets by one inch in an accordion style. Fold, flip over the fold, flip again, then fold and so on until you have folded the whole sheets. 

4. Using the clothespin, clip the folded sheets to help it stay in place and tie a piece of yarn in the middle. 

5. Cut the edges of the sheets using the scissors into rounded shape or any shape you want. The point is, to make the pompom look more stylish. 

This how it will look like after.

6. Slowly pull one sheet from the rest from one side,

and then the other side until you separate all the layers from each other

and finally you'll have a fluffly paper ball.

See, I already have two blue and white paper balls done, and my girl's caregiver is currently making few more.

See for yourself how these cute paper balls cheerfully hanging soon. See yah!

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

18 Handcrafted Jewelries Delivered

I may be a superwoman but sometimes my superpower also run out and cannot accomplish things needed to be done.Hence, I needed an extra hand to handle the rest. That’s what happened this month, when orders from my sis-in-law came in and needed to be delivered as soon as possible.

I did all the earrings and some bracelets that hubby doesn’t know how to make yet while he handled bracelets that are easy for him to do. I prepared the materials above and the five bracelets are his products. 

After one week, working only during the night (2-3 hours) when the kids are already in bed, hubby and I finished 18 pcs of handcrafted Swarovski jewelries (9 bracelets and 9 earrings). woot! woot! Thank You Lord for the blessings!

The items are already on the way to my sister-in-law, now we can sleep early and relax and wait for more orders to come especially Christmas season is fast approaching.

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Advantages of Buying Replica Watches

Most of us average income earners dreamt of having even one high end watch. But these high end watches come with a very high budget which most of us cannot afford and will only remain as a dream unless luck comes our way and win the lottery. Fortunately, Replica Watches are made available for the public.

Buying replica watches come with advantages. 

1.       The Price. Take for example a Cartier watch. The lowest priced that I have seen so far is in the price range of $4200-$5000. A way too expensive for an ordinary citizen like me. But with a high quality Cartier replica watch it will only cost about $300-$600. It has the same look as the original and almost with the same luxurious feel. 

2.       Can Own More than One. With a $4200 budget instead of getting a 1 piece high end watch we can actually buy 14 replica wristwatches. We can expand our collection from casual to sporty, from simple to grand wrist watches that will match our outfits.

3.       Almost the Same Material. The best replica watches in the market today, offer almost the same material as the original. We’ll never know the difference except for the price.

4.       Best Gift Item. Of course, because they are relatively lower in price yet with a classy and luxurious look, definitely replica watches are the best gift for any occasion.

Buying replica watches indeed have more advantages than we can think off, they are made for people who wants more from their hard earned money. 

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Nail Art: Brown and Glittery French Tip Nails

The busy schedule cannot allow me to go on with my almost forgotten artistic side, the nail art passion. I opted for manicures with plain nail colors, easy to apply yet choosing the uncommon colors for my age. 

It’s been more than a year that I haven’t done nail art. I already missed that side of myself.

The other night, I had a change of heart and revived that other side. Instead of hand painting designs on them, I tried a French tip manicure for now. My hands are very stiff and cannot manage every brush stroke, need to practice more again.

Digging into my stash, I found a brown polish from L.A. Colors (I have only used this twice before). The original plan was to make a thin French tip nails (as in sa tip langtalaga) but because I have less control, the brush slipped, hence, French tips that cover half of the nails were created.

To add elegance to the error produced French tips, I applied colorless polish with glitters from Caronia. And the result was quite pretty and classy.

I just love my manicured nails! Haha! Loving my own work with an eye winking!

Until next time.J

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Monday, August 17, 2015

DIY Sewing Project: Queen-size Foam Cover

Remember the first project I made? I was so bold and optimistic I can pull it off. Luckily in the end, I was able to complete the project. Although, not the perfect one, but served its purpose that until now, it is still nice and well.

When I told hubby that I’ll try sewing a foam cover than buying a ready-made which I presumed very expensive, he immediately bought not only one, but two sets of cloth that are intended for blankets and bed sheets (because of the width). Na pressure tuloy ako. That means I have to make two.

Months after the 1st project, on a fine Sunday, I finally got the other cloth and sew another foam cover.

Because of the size, I have to spread, do the measurements and cuttings on the floor.

zipper and sidings
Since, I already did this once plus some of the sewing projects I did, I am very confident to finish this off nice and easy.

I started cutting and sewing after lunch on a Sunday afternoon and by 6pm it was all done, in spite of the kids trying to catch my attention.  Our queen size foam now has another dress.

What’s next? How about repurposing or upcycling? Hmm, let’s see so stay tuned. J 

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Friday, August 7, 2015

DIY Sewing Project: Little Girl’s Pajamas

If you haven’t started learning sewing yet, you better do it now, I assure it is really fun and exciting. Yep! I really am enjoying this craft. If only I have a lot of extra time, I could have done a lot and better yet join classes and learn how to sew dresses.

For now, I make use of the time I have at night when the kids are already in bed and make simple sewing projects. 

What should I do next? Well, I bought a meter of floral cotton cloth at P80/meter and made two pajamas for my little girl.

Of course, I do not know how to make patterns in the right way so instead, I used one of my girl’s pants as a guide and cut the cloth of course with allowance and a little longer, the girl have gotten taller.

And after cutting I am now ready to sew. As usual with the trial and error trying to figure out which one to run stitches first, next and so on. Well, frankly, I had to remove stitches using seam ripper and re-run the needle again for few times. But it was okay since it was part of the learning process.

And after 2 or 3 hours, the pajamas were all done. 

The next day, the most exciting part is seeing the little girl wearing it. Just the perfect fit for her. J

O di ba? Talikodgenic ang peg.

What are you waiting for, open that box now and start learning the art of sewing. :-)

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

DIY Sewing: Envelop Throw Pillowcases

Sewing is really so much fun, especially after every project that I put my heart into makes me really really proud and relieved. Proud of myself that after a few practices, I who has zero skill in sewing can actually make something from scratch.

After my simple curtain and boy short pants projects, pillowcases I think is a good project to practice. It doesn’t require much, just few straight stitches and a bucket of patience. 

Going from one fabric roll to another for 30 minutes, I finally decided to get these prints for my throw pillow project. I want something, with abstract or unique design, but I can’t find any so I settled with these. I bought a meter for each color, 1 meter of 60 width cloth can make 2 pieces of throw pillowcase.

I chose to make an envelope type throw pillow cases, since I am no good at attaching zipper. Now for the measurements;

The front face of the pillowcase, I measured 19 x 19 inches (my throw pillow measures 17x17) while the back portion comprises of two cuts 10x19 and 14x19 inches. The cuttings already include the allowance for folding and sewing.  

As a beginner, I really need to iron the cloth before sewing, especially the side that needs folding, it’s part of the procedure.

Like what I did with the curtain, I pre-cut everything, ironed the sides, readied everything before hopping into the sewing machine.  

The sewing part is becoming very easy for me now, as long as I guide the cloth slowly but surely, I am confident I can make straighter stitches. This time I wanted my pillowcases to be durable, hence, I ran the needle twice on each side. 

And after 1 week of cutting, iron and sewing I finally completed the project. I made 6 pillowcases 2 for each color. Why it took me a week to finish? Well, I am a corporate employee, a mother and my only time to sew is at night after my kids are asleep.

The next project will be, girl’s pajamas. 

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Nail Polish: Bobbie Classy and Explosive

I spotted these nail colors at Savemore Supermarket while having my weekly grocery. Because I am a very big fan of anything of “green shade” nail polish, I grabbed one right away. A green shade from Bobbie (Explosive) is a perfect catch.But standing by her side is a Classy shade of purple, this one also caught my attentionhence, these two pretties became part of my nail polish collection.

A few days later, it’s time to try them on. This time around, I asked my helper to do the manicure (yep! She does have the skill, too) and I did the polish application (since she had to sleep early). The first nail polish to try, of course, is the Bobbie Explosive.


I decided not to trim my nails too short. Because I know that Bobbie Explosive will look great on medium length nails. I applied them slowly but surely trying not to make a mess. With one coating, it was pale and uneven, thus, I needed to apply up to 3 coatings to get full coverage.

See, how attractive this nail color on my nails. And the bonus part it, it dried up quickly than expected. I definitely have a new favorite right now. (Pardon, I'm just sooo in love with green)

 Three days later, I decided to change my nail color, hence I chose the other Bobbie nail polish that I have recently purchased. Bobbie Classy is in a darker side of purple. A rich grape color is the correct description. Like the Explosive, I had to apply it up to 3 coatings to obtain full opacity.

These are locally manufactured nail polish, and very much affordable. Though I seldom get them because it takes time for them to dry, especially when I plan to do nail art, but for these, I think I made the right decision to add them in my stash.

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