Monday, December 8, 2014

My First Handmade Swarovski Jewelry Set

Aside from the orders that came in weeks back, which were already sent to my sister in law last Friday, and will be sending the next batch within the week, I was up for a bigger project. Hubby did the rest of the remaining orders (since he already knows how to), while I was busy brainstorming of the project that my high school-college friend asked me to do for her.

A Handmade Swarovski  Jewelry Set, my first ever jewelry set that includes a full beaded necklace, bracelet and a pair of dangling earrings. 

It took me a while to finish the set, because I was short with the materials needed, I had to contact my supplier before actually starting. At the same time, confident because the target date is still on the 15th of December, I still have ample time. On Thursday night, I started making the necklace first, because of the excitement that I can finally make one. (Yes!Necklaces are once in blue moon order because of the cost involved).  My only time to make jewelries is at night after putting my two kids to sleep and at the same time doing the Alexabloghop. By Friday midnight, the necklace is done! Whew! Loving the feeling of the first accomplishment!

Sunday night, I was up for the earrings and bracelet set and also finished both before midnight. Last night, my tasked was to do the pictorial. After several takes, I finally got the right setting of the camera. So without further ado, here’s the my first ever set of Handmade Jewelry Set;

The set uses 10mm Round (light siam), 6mm Round (light siam), 8mm Helix (golden shadow) and 6mm Bicone (golden shadow) authentic Swarovski crystal beads, 14k gold-filled wires, earring studs, and lobster lock.  According to my supplier, lobster lock are the only ones remaining that are 14k gold-filled, the spring lock that I used before were already gone and the supplies coming is are of low plated quality. I have no choice but to adjust and take the more expensive lobster lock.


  1. They look soo gorgeous! Good luck to you and your flourishing business!

  2. Wow! This looks really amazing! And in my favourite color pa. You are so talented!

  3. I was attracted to its color! This will truly stand out on anyone who uses it. Ang chic and sophisticated!

  4. I was attracted to its color. This will truly stand out on anyone who uses it. Ang chic at ang sophisticated ng appearance!

  5. The color combination is beautiful! Galing Sis. Keep it up:)

  6. These are beautiful! You really have a good grasp of the color wheel, this combination is such a knockout!


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