Monday, November 10, 2014

The Unfinished Crochet BEE Dress

From the time I have decided what theme we are going to have for our baby girl’s 1st birthday party, I already thought of making her a crochet bee dress, a Do-It-Yourself BEE costume that she is going to wear to her party.

I did able to start the project like two months before the birthday using a mercerized cotton crochet thread, the only cotton material that I can find locally in the city and making one round at a time during my free time. But later on, a lot of reasons and excuses came in that I wasn’t able to finish, and instead decided to buy a black tutu skirt to pair her yellow romper.

A few days before the big day, I was already shifting my attention to other things that I needed to do for the party and set aside the already in the 75% completion crochet BEE-dress. (I did a lot of DIYs for the party which you can find in my other blog)

Though, she wasn’t able to wear this dress on her big day, I’m still very satisfied because I was able to make her a pair of BEE-colored hair clips and bracelet instead. I won’t promise anything this time, but I’ll find time to complete this dress before the year ends. x-crossfinger-x 

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  1. A lot of mommies are asking us if we crochet dress too. I always beg off kasi mahirap sya plus yun yarn na gagamitin din should be cotton. Mercerized cotton is too thin at for sure matagal gawin. Hehe


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