Thursday, November 13, 2014

BEE Inspired Swarovski Bracelet for the BEE-day Girl

Just 3 hours before the BEE party, I realized that my little girl has no jewelry that will match her bee-outfit.

Digging into my stock of Swarovski crystals, I made her a bracelet, of black star and yellow flower shaped crystals and strung it using a thicker 14k gold-filled wire, making it durable just in case she will pull it out.

After just a few minutes, this tiny bracelet was done and ready for the BEE-girl.


  1. Love the bracelet you made for your girl. so pretty!!

  2. The bracelet is really pretty! I love the color combination and I'm sure it match perfectly with your outfit.:) Galing mo naman Sis

  3. Gorgeous! And it blends with the bee theme - yellow and black :)


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