Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Getting Ready for the Christmas Orders + A Golden Leaf Pendant

The materials are all here and I am in a panicked mode to finish all the orders before the 7th of December. We are trying to produce small items that are affordable that our clients can give as Christmas gifts to their family and friends.

Good thing I already have a pair of helping hands in the person of my husband who is already doing well in jewelry making. In fact, he does the bracelets while I do the earrings because according to him, bracelets are easier to make than earrings. That is why I have no choice but to do the earrings which includes the hooks and loops, etc. myself. Nevertheless, I’m still thankful that he is already helping me in this endeavor. 

As always, every Christmas I received something form Ms. K my supplier. If last year it was one of her bracelet creations, this time she gave me a 24k gold-filled leaf pendant and accordingly it is a “leaf for wealth”. 

I’m not really a fan of big pendants, but last Friday I really did wear it. After all Friday is a wash day we can wear anything as long as it’s decent. See, it looks so lovely, right?

Thanks Ms. K for this lovely gift!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Getting Back to Handmade Jewelries

My first half or November was hectic. Aside from my tasks as a corporate slave, I was a very busy mother bee preparing my bee-girl’s 1st birthday party, and active mother race driver preparing the hotwheels inspired birthday celebration for our little boy after. Hah! This is the prize of having the kids born in the same month. Though the past days were very demanding, still I was one happy mom for being able to pull-up all the activities for the kids in just a small amount of time. And that I have to congratulate myself! Clap clap! And the DIYs I did, were very commendable right? Anyway, let’s cut the bragging, I’m directing your attention back to what this blog is originally all about, “my handmade jewelries creation”.

A day after our first born’s 4th birthday, I was already holding the pliers and made these sets of bracelet and earrings, pre-order items for my officemate (sapphire) and for my neighbor (white crystals). 

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you have seen these items a number of times already. Yep! These two are among our very saleable items. I already made them many times (my husband can already make the bracelet as well), in different colors, in different combinations. And will probably continue to make them in the near future, I hope so! And we’re ready to make  more of them, especially now that my husband is already doing his best to help me out.

Others may find our items expensive but our satisfied clients are willing to shell out extra amount just to get our items, because accordingly, ours are quality made.

Our jewelries are made of authentic Swarovski crystals and joined together using 14k gold-filled wires. The wire used are of thicker diameter to ensure durability.

If you want the same items, just drop me a line.

Have a Nice Day!

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

BEE Inspired Swarovski Bracelet for the BEE-day Girl

Just 3 hours before the BEE party, I realized that my little girl has no jewelry that will match her bee-outfit.

Digging into my stock of Swarovski crystals, I made her a bracelet, of black star and yellow flower shaped crystals and strung it using a thicker 14k gold-filled wire, making it durable just in case she will pull it out.

After just a few minutes, this tiny bracelet was done and ready for the BEE-girl.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

FOLDED FLOWERS Hairclips for the BEE-Girl

I spotted a set of Kanzashi flower hair accessories from an online shop. I was so tempted to get a set for my little girl to pair her BEE-theme outfit, but opted not. Instead, I bought yards gross grain ribbons from Michelle’s and made the flowers myself.

I was intrigued why the flowers were called Kanzashi, and how these intricate flowers are done. The way I understand based on the written information in the internet, Kanzashi are hair decorations used on traditional Japanese hairstyle which go back 3000 years ago. The stick pins were believed could ward off evil spirits. Tsumami Kanzashi on the other hand, is a type of kanzashi that means folded hair flowers or ornaments that are made of fabric. Originally, tsumami kanzashi are made of silk fabric, folded and formed into flower petals. I’m still in the process of intensive researching and reading to understand the term more.

Meanwhile, I made a tsumami kanzashi based on the tutorial I’ve seen in the YouTube. Difficult it may seem but in the end, I was able to follow and made my first ever pair tsumami kansazhi hair clips for my birthday girl using lemon yellow and black grosgrain ribbons. I used a sew-on button rhinestone that I bought in a local store as centerpieces.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

The Unfinished Crochet BEE Dress

From the time I have decided what theme we are going to have for our baby girl’s 1st birthday party, I already thought of making her a crochet bee dress, a Do-It-Yourself BEE costume that she is going to wear to her party.

I did able to start the project like two months before the birthday using a mercerized cotton crochet thread, the only cotton material that I can find locally in the city and making one round at a time during my free time. But later on, a lot of reasons and excuses came in that I wasn’t able to finish, and instead decided to buy a black tutu skirt to pair her yellow romper.

A few days before the big day, I was already shifting my attention to other things that I needed to do for the party and set aside the already in the 75% completion crochet BEE-dress. (I did a lot of DIYs for the party which you can find in my other blog)

Though, she wasn’t able to wear this dress on her big day, I’m still very satisfied because I was able to make her a pair of BEE-colored hair clips and bracelet instead. I won’t promise anything this time, but I’ll find time to complete this dress before the year ends. x-crossfinger-x 

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