Thursday, June 12, 2014

Crystal White + Sapphire Charmed Swarovski Bracelet

After the series of jade bracelets I made less than a month ago, I'm finally back with the crystals. Yep! Yesterday, I did a charmed/dangling bracelet using my first love the Swarovski crystals. 

Per request of my officemate Ma'am Annie, I made her sapphire + crystal white combination bracelet to pair with her old earrings which she asked me to do a makeover which I will be posting as soon as I finish it. As always the components used are of 14/20 gold filled, guaranteed, will not fade nor tarnish as long as you keep it clean and free from dust. 

I already made quite few bracelets and earrings for my officemates and so far the items they got from me are still looking great. Aside from using authentic materials, the wires used to join them together are of thicker diameter, that means they will not easily break. Because I always make it a point that my creations are of quality. 

So if you want any of my creations, I'm just an email away. :-)


  1. Beautiful! I love this sapphire blue color. I'll try to save money for these hmm..

  2. The bracelet is so pretty. I love to have one myself, its a good color combination as well.:)

  3. That's pretty.. I would love you to make me one with my birthstone which is emerald.

  4. How much? Do you accept Paypal as mode of payment? hehehe

  5. That's a really cool blue and white necklace. Lovely colors


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