Friday, May 23, 2014

Flower Loop Dora Elastic Headband

I am already enjoying this newly found craft. Ribbons and bows are really addicting, especially when you'll see your finished product and have it worn by your most precious model. The feeling is just amazing!

So without further ado, I'm showing to you my second ribbon hair bow creation, a flower loop hair bow elastic headband. I prefer headbands for my little girl that is why my the first two projects are of course headbands! grin!

I wanted to make a tutorial as well for this post, but unfortunately I wasn't able to photograph some of the steps. (I can't do the sewing, and photo taking at the same assistant that time huh!)

To make the flower loop hair bow of 2.5" bow size we'll need four (4) pre-cut 3/8" grosgrain ribbon 7 inches in length and another 4 with 6 inches length.

You can always experiment with color combinations, mine, I chose plain hot pink, plain white, polka dot brown and Dora printed grosgrain ribbons. Just follow the rest of the instructions here. The same video tutorial I watched.

After making the figure 8 fold and sewing it together, I attached it to a fold over elastic and it's done! 

Ready for the awaiting model...


Baby Jewel with my 2nd ribbon hair bow created personally with love and patience just for her. :-)
What do you think?  :-)


  1. It's so cute especially when worn by Baby Jewel! She's oh-so-adorable, sis. You're blessed to have a baby girl. :)

  2. nice work! neatly done! it's just so cute.
    Jewel is such a sweetheart! I love your smile baby! kagigil! xoxo

  3. It looks like it's very easy to do! An ordinary ribbon can be transformed into a cute hair bow with the right creativity! I hope Jewel is doing fine!

  4. Mas maganda talaga ang finished product pag nakasuot na sa model. Jewel is so cute and she loves the bow o, hehe.

    Mommy Maye

  5. super cute! looks complicated but i think it's doable.. so cute!

  6. The model is super cute! And the product is outstanding, beautiful! :) Great job, Sis..:)

  7. Ay, ang ganda ganda naman ng baby na yan! You're so cute, baby Jewel! And your mom did a fantastic job with your headband! Galing naman talaga, sis, no kidding, you did really great! :-)

  8. I love your ribbon bow..very pretty. and Jewel looks so sweet wearing it.

  9. Pretty awesome.. I always wanted to make one for my lil girl too but it didn't work out too well so I have to do it again and follow your tutorial sometime.

  10. Nice diy headband. Would like to ask where can I buy fold over elastic? thank you :)


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