Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Double Pink Polka Elastic Headband

When I learned that we'll be having a baby girl, I have planned to learn crocheting baby accessories and ribbon hair bow making. If you are a regular reader of this blog you already know that I already self-learned and made simple crochet accessories for my little girl with the help of YouTube tutorials. Then last week, these crafty hands of mine finally had ventured in the latter after I received the materials I ordered online.

Too excited, I searched YouTube again for simple and easy to follow ribbon hair bow tutorial and this is what I decided to do a flat boutique bow.   

By just following the instruction I was able to come up a very cute hair bow made of grosgrain ribbons that I have attached to a 13" long fold over elastic. After it's done, I immediately tried it on to my supermodel baby.

And look at her smiling and posing in front of the camera. I was multi-tasking that time acting like a clown to make her smile while holding the camera to readily capture those cute smiles.

Well, what can you say about my first ever handmade ribbon hair bow?

Get ready for another two.. that I made last Sunday..


  1. The perks of being creative! Seems easy but I wish I had the time to create something for my pamangkin too. Ang galing mo. And your new home looks very clean. It's nice that you incorporated all the "handcrafts" into one blog :)

  2. Ehh..the pink bow is super cute and looks so nice on your little girl :)

  3. super cute! bagay na bagay kay baby :)

  4. That was so cute..Bagay na bagay kay Jewel.

  5. Its adorable! love the headband, Jewel looks really good.:) Galing mo Sis:)

  6. Ang cute sis. Syempre inggit na naman ako kasi may instant model ka agad. Bagay na bagay kay baby girl :)

    Mommy Maye

  7. Naku, if I had a baby girl, too, I would surely make these din. I'm not sure, though, if I can make it as beautifully as you do!

  8. So nice... and so happy to see a happy baby!

  9. This is cute and adorable headband, perfect na perfect sa baby mo.:)


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