Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nail Polish: The Face Shop Lovely Me EX Yogurt Apple Mint

As promised, here's the second nail polish from The Faceshop colors that I got last time, called the Lovely Me: EX Yogurt Apple Mint. As the name implied it does have a light mint green base with glitters of 4 different colors in the shade of turquoise, magenta, rose and gold.

Using solely the polish without any plain base of the same shade/color will really give you a light mint shade even with 4 coats, like those in my nails. Yet, it does look neat and cool in my nails huh!

Anyway, applying nail polishes with glitters is not that easy really especially if the glitters are in larger cuts, but with this I was able to pass through without any hassle.

Next time I'll get the rest of the collection... crossfingers_x


  1. You're right, it isn't easy applying polish with glittery bits. I like the color, though!

  2. In fairness, maganda nga :) Daddy just gave me a pedicure two nights ago. Yung sa kamay medyo di ko keri nasasabit sa hook e. Hehe

    Mommy Maye


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