Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nail Polish: The Face Shop Lovely Me EX Yogurt Apple Mint

As promised, here's the second nail polish from The Faceshop colors that I got last time, called the Lovely Me: EX Yogurt Apple Mint. As the name implied it does have a light mint green base with glitters of 4 different colors in the shade of turquoise, magenta, rose and gold.

Using solely the polish without any plain base of the same shade/color will really give you a light mint shade even with 4 coats, like those in my nails. Yet, it does look neat and cool in my nails huh!

Anyway, applying nail polishes with glitters is not that easy really especially if the glitters are in larger cuts, but with this I was able to pass through without any hassle.

Next time I'll get the rest of the collection... crossfingers_x

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Nail Polish: The Face Shop Nail GR509

TheFaceShop nail colors had finally landed in my stash. Yahoo!

I've seen a fellow blogger blogged about her FS nail polish finds months back and I swore to have one. But because I don't have extra for my "luho" a.k.a passion, I put it aside for a while. Last week, I decided finally after months of thinking that I needed new colors, new brand in my stash. I took a peek at Faceshop in Centrio Mall, and these are what filled my hungry eyes.. charrran! on the rack are nail colors from striking red, bright neon to pastel colors.

I definitely want them all, but sadly I can only afford up to 2 (per visit hehehe).Without further ado! I chose...

Lovely Me: Yogurt Apple and a nude color. I'm not really sure what's the true color code of this one. The sticker on the bottle is BR804 while on the receipt it's GR509. After researching I must say its GR509 because the BR804 is of different color based on the swatches I've seen online. 

I wanted to try the Apple Yogurt on my nails first but the nude color "tan" prevailed because I'll be attending a meeting the following day and it's the most appropriate. Mahirap na at ang mga kuko ko ang mapansin hehehe  

So... here goes.. 

A perfectly nude color for a cheaper price compared to US and European brand sold at P95.00 ($2) each. 

With just two coats you'll get full tan opacity, but since I wanted it heavy, I applied three coats on my nails. The formula is just perfect, you can spread in on the nails without difficulty. The color may appear lighter on the above photos because of the camera flash.

The next batch of photos (below) were taken the following day at the office just before we took off for the meeting outside. This time taken with flash off, just lighted florescent lamps at the ceiling. 

And the color is most accurate compared to the actual. And always is the perfect color in the corporate world or even for the summer.. :-)

 Next time it will the Apple Yogurt.. so watch out for it..

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Baby Mary Jane Crochet Booties

If you have read my other blogs you'll know the reason why this post is super late, or why I wasn't able to update this blog. I actually made this pair of crochet booties along side with the Crochet Baby Sandals in February. Another successful crochet project that time that fits perfectly our princess tiny feet.

This pair is the result of fusing two different patterns that I have found online. Basically the pattern was of Dainty Mary Jane (I need to search link again), but because I found it difficult to follow the rounds for the sole, I took out another pattern just for the sole and incorporate to the original.

Though I have to count stitches from time to time. The result came out great! I must say I'm learning the craft's ins and outs slowly yet surely.

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