Friday, March 14, 2014

Nail Polish: Etude House Only Olive

screenshot using my smartphone
When I saw the nail polish painted on Nam Da Yung (Prime Minister and I) toe nails, I remember, I have that color! 

The one I bought from Etude House last month.The EH Dear My Deep Color DGR704 Only Olive.

I got star struck, when I saw this color at Etude House. I immediately grabbed it without thinking, because I knew this is one pretty cool and unique color for my nails.

I applied it on my nails last month, but sadly I wasn't able to take any photographs.

This afternoon after my overtime work, I'll definitely apply it on my nails. After 6 days of work this week, I badly need a ME time. I'll drop by at the salon later, have my hair trimmed + a manicure and pedicure.

How about you? Any new nail color on you nails lately?

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Crochet Flower Baby Sandal

Clap Clap to Me! I finally was able to make a baby sandal for our little Jewel made of yarns, crochet skill + my "getting to the creative zone" hands. I must say I'm beginning to understand the theory behind every crochet stitches. Weeeh!

So much of the bragging, here's what I made while on one week leave. I made two actually, I'll post the other one later..

I can't point out which downloaded pattern I used, I think I merged two to three patterns for this project. Whoever the pattern original designers are thanks so much..

With few hours of battling the hook and yarn, I must say the outcome is one excellent work of art.  Agree? I hope so.. hehehe

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