Thursday, January 23, 2014

Crochet Baby Shoes with Ankle Strap

I have downloaded a lot of free crochet baby shoes pattern, tried some of them but end up not finishing them. Confusion strikes, I sometimes can't understand the written instruction. Dummy me! 

I had jumped from one project to another until I found this pattern from ROSEDEW that is so easy to follow. A crochet baby shoes with ankle strap that I wanted for my girl so that it will not fall-off from her tiny feet. 

If I made this pair of shoes in one sitting I might finish them in just few hours, but unfortunately for me, I did them in between break only from my busy schedule, so it took me approximately 2 days to finish. 

The effort was not wasted at all, because these cute brown and pink combination baby shoes fits our princess perfectly. 

Photos will be posted soon. Our baby girl will be wearing these shoes on Saturday for her immunization appointment. 

Thanks Rosedew for sharing the pattern.Thumbs up to you!

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Crochet Red Baby Booties + Flower Headband

It's never too late to greet everyone a  Happy New Year! How was your holidays? I'm sure everyone was so busy the past month and the first few days of 2014, because I too was so busy that I wasn't able to post about this new crochet projects that I have finished. A crochet red baby booties paired with a crochet flower headband.

I made the tie up booties above by following the instruction posted by CrochetHooksYou at youtube. It's a very easy to follow tutorial that beginners like me can go along. If you've watched the video she placed the button at the center but in my case I preferred positioning them at a little to the side.

This cute booties is a little bit big for my girl's tiny feet but because of the chain that allows me to tie or fasten them up, the booties sits well on her feet.

To pair the red booties above I made a single briar rose flower headband also of color red. The flower was so easy to follow as well thanks to Ms. Yolanda Soto Lopez for sharing the tutorial.

Wonder where I got the headband elastic? It is actually a ready made headband sold at the department store at P18.00. I ripped off the lace ribbon attached to it and place my crochet flower, top with a button the sew it using the same red yarn and Viola! I now have a crochet flower headband for my little girl.

What do you think? I hope you like it too.. until next time...Have a Nice Day!

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