Sunday, December 29, 2013

Nail Art: Christmas Polka Dots

This post was supposedly up before Christmas or on the day itself because it a Christmas inspired nail art and I do have them on my nails during those days. But because of holiday reasons I wasn't able to do so until today. 

Anyway, red, white and green are the season's color. These colors for me represent the poinsettias for red, white for the snowflakes and green the Christmas trees. I couldn't paint any of them in my nails lately like what I did last year, so instead I did a very simple nail art using these colors. A polka dots of red and green with white as base.

Using the cream white Dazzle Dry At First Blush, I applied them in my nails on 3 coatings for full opacity. 

I'm beginning to master the application of Dazzle Dry nail lacquers (thumbs up for that!), unlike the last time.

Now for the design, I randomly spread the dots with the help of a dotting tool and using nail lacquers Dazzle Dry Morning Dew for green and L'Oreal Femme Fatale for the red dots. After which I sealed the design using Dazzle Dry Top Coat.

In less than 30 minutes I was able to do the design and my nails are ready for action.

Dazzle Dry is truly amazing. True to its claim it does dries rock hard in 5 minutes. Therefore I can do nail art in less time, perfect for busy women.

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Crochet Newborn Baby Booties

Crochet is surely a fun activity. Although I still find it difficult to understand written patterns, but I'm learning and at the same time enjoying. Especially if I was able to finish a project that is intended for my baby.

I have downloaded few patterns of baby booties but I find it so hard to follow maybe because I'm still confuse with the basics and poor in picturing out the result.

But here's a pattern from Repeat Crafter Me, a very easy one and is really beginner's friendly.

With few hours of crocheting, I was able to finish this pair for my baby girl.

And the 0-3 months pattern, really fits her well.

I'm planning to make a headband to pair with this one, still searching for an easy to follow pattern. So watch out for it. hihihi!

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Nail Art: Forget Me Not

Hooray!! Our handmade Swarovski jewelries orders for December are now in my sister-in-law’s hands and our beloved clients. I hope that the extra small trinkets that I’ve made will be sold out too this season. Cross fingers!
Since I’m done, I’m taking a break from wires and crystals and time do some nail art. Yep! It’s been a while since I had my nails painted, held the brush and paint something on it. 

Not fixing my nails for more or less eight months made me a newbie again (O yeah! I never been a professional either..hehe)

Anyway, to start my nail art adventure once again, here’s the easiest nail art that I can think of, no other than flowers. Actually, I tried doing something Christmassy, unfortunately the nail art spirit of my hands have not returned yet. Toinks! I consumed more time in painting then wiping them away, I couldn’t really get it right. sigh!  Just to be able to accomplish something, I decided to paint simple flowers.

For the base color I used Dazzle Dry Forget Me Not. I’ve been yearning to use this polish ever since I bought them few months ago but wasn’t able to, because I was pregnant. Although, Dazzle Dry is said to be pregnant safe, but still I hesitated. Now that I have given birth I can freely have them on my nails. Yippee!

As a first time user of Dazzle Dry, I really had a hard time applying them of my nails. Because it is a fast dry nail polish (dries rock hard in 5 minutes, as implied), I had to act fast to be able to evenly spread the formula on my nails. 

I wanted full color or full opacity so I usually go for 3 coats like what I have here.

Then, using acrylic paint and nail art brush I carefully painted 5-petal flowers on the nails. I admit I had hard time painting them. My hands were trembling while holding the brush.  Nevertheless, I still survived and was able to finish the task.

 Hope next time I’ll be able to paint more and create more designs. If not, having a plain colored nails is good enough for me than having no polish at all. After all nail polish is like a lipstick to me… J

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Multi-tasker ME

Fifteen days more to go and it's Christmas! And I'm one busy mom right now. Aside from baby sitting my newborn girl I'm also trying my best to complete the jewelry orders that came in this month. I have to finished them by tomorrow and have it sent to my SIL on Wednesday. 

The picture above shows my all-in one working area. From blogging, movie watching to crafting. Can you see Kim Tan on the screen? Yep! I'm currently watching Lee Min Ho's "The Heirs" while handcrafting jewelries.

Imagine how I managed to read the subtitle with my hands busy twisting wires? Well, I just did it! That is why I consider myself a Multi-tasker Mom! hehe

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Know Your Birthstone Crystal Color

If you are confused which color you like to be made into jewelries, worry no more because you can always start with your birthstone color. 

The chart below will guide you which Swarovski Crystal color will fall on you birth month.

After having you birthstone color, later on you can mix and match the crystal colors that will suit your taste and style.

Happy Crystal Tuesday!

credits: individual bead photos courtesy of artbeads

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