Monday, November 25, 2013

Two Blogs Fused Into One

I've mentioned in my previous post of my plan to fuse two of my blogs the Nails and Kolours and this handmade blog, with primary reason to reduce the number of blogs to maintain and at the same time to cut-off domain purchase. 

My concern was how to transfer all my posts + comments from the other blog to here. I thought I had to do it one by one but thank goodness Daddy Allan wrote about "how to transfer your blog to another", he did made the transfer journey an easy peasy task. Thanks You!

I'm still in the process of changing the blog layout. I have to do trial and error with the codes and all. I think by the end of the week I'll be able to complete the transformation.

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Pompons Swarovski Bracelets

Finally I was able to send the orders this morning and still waiting for the next list from my SIL. Also, Christmas is fast approaching I need to rush things and do more for the season. Who knows my SIL and I can sell more. cross-fingers x

Meanwhile, here's one of the most sought after design, a pompon like bracelet made of swarovski crystals. 

This is actually a very simple bracelet wherein, 12 pieces of 4mm swarovski bicone crystals were weaved or made into a pompon balls using transparent nylon string.

Then later joined together using 14k gold-filled wires and components + swarovski bicone crystals of 6mm size.

I had four orders of different colors for this particular design.

an amethyst
 a jet black
 a light siam
 and a white crystal

With product code JCB-48, retailed at P650.00.

That's it! Hope you like it...

By the way I'm thinking of transforming this blog, I want to change the layout (I still have to find an easy to manage free template in the net) and planning to close down my nail art blog and incorporate it here,  after all this blog is all about handcrafting, art and fashion. So watch out for it!

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Three Swarovski Graphic Bracelet

I made this design few months back and sent it to my SIL, and this time I got 3 orders for this piece. 

A very simple bangle like bracelet, using 2pcs of 10mm Graphic (5520) Swarovski beads and a bigger size (18mm) as centerpiece.  

A bangle like bracelet because I used 2- 4k gold filled round plain space bars and strung them together using a thicker 14k gold-filled wire to assure quality and durability. 

These are the finished orders, listed in my SIL's piece of paper, 1 Jet Black and 2 Copper JCB-74 bracelets. SRP P840.00

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