Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Swarovski Flat Oval Bracelet

Another piece of simple handmade jewelry was added to my 2013 collection. This time I made used of  a new shape of Swarovski crystals that I have acquired from my supplier. I think these crystal shape were already out for quite sometime now but, it was only last year that I was able to get them and only yesterday was able to put it into use.  Imagine the wasted time? Well, I been busy with my day job that's why, winks*.

Anyway, here's the 3rd piece for this year, a Swarovski Flat Oval Bracelet. The same as the rest of the pieces I've made, 14k gold filled wire and components were also used to create a very simple bracelet for everyday use.

More colors will be added soon. :)

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wild Heart Swarovski Bracelet

I'm trying my best to create something new before the school year opens.Wonder why my target is on June? That is because my prospect customers/buyers are high school teachers. Like I've mentioned before my sister-in-law does the selling for me at her school.

As much as I want to create something complicated and full of crystals, I refrained from doing so because of the cost. Swarovski crystals price varies depending on sizes and shapes, the more complicated and stunning the shape is, the more expensive it is. And if I use a lot of them it is difficult for me to sell the pieces. Take note also that I'm using 14k gold filled wires and components and not 10k, so I'm settling on simple pieces, yet elegant and affordable.  

So here's the second new piece I created, the first one for this year was the rosary bracelet. The main element is a 12mm Swarovski Crystal called "Wild Heart" crystal beads. I got them from my supplier few months back but had stayed in my stash for quite sometime before deciding to make something from it.

Basically, these are very simple chained type bracelets using six (6) pieces of swarovski wild heart crystals beads and alternately joined using 6mm 14k gold wire + 4mm swarovski bicone crystals. 

I made two combination for now, the first one is siam hearts + white crystal bicones and the other one is a light siam hearts + golden shadow bicone crystals combi.

product code:  JCB-69.

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Nail Polish: Bobbie Solar Burst

When was the last time I had glitters on my nails? I just can't remember.
I been wanting to get one for myself, I wanted the imported ones but unfortunately I don't have no budget right now. I needed an alternative.

Looking at the nail care section of Gaisano Mall I found a cutie called the Solar Burst from the local brand Bobbie.

Solar Burst has a lot tiny golden specks plus bigger rounded glitters of different colors (blue, red, green and white).


I wanted an overly glittered nails so I applied two thick coats to capture a lot of the shining particles.

Applying them on top of Dear My Neon Nails from Etude House makes it really really pretty for me.

 I have no regrets getting Bobbie Solar Burst at a very affordable price of P29.75.

So What Do You Think? The glitters are unevenly distributed right? That's the art! hehehe

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Nail Polish: Etude House My Dear Neon Nails

Two summer looking colors are on my nails today. These neonish colors are from the Etude House Dear My Neon Nails Collection. Actually I bought these cuties last year you can check my post here and decided to wear them on my nails these season, after all it's Summer here in the Philippines.

Warning Yellow (NBE101) and Fresh Melon (NGR701) 
indoor with camera flash "on"
These two colors as what the name of the collection implies are indeed so bright and eye catching so perfect for beach party.

Outdoor, shade area
I had no problem with the application using it's wide and thick brush. The formula is  quite good, although I had to apply at least three (3) coats to get the full color and opacity.
Outdoor direct sunlight
 Overall, whether indoor or outdoor, these two looks pretty on my nails.

still outdoor under the shade

And additional cuteness factor when over top by glitters. Check it out on my next post. :)

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Three More Color for the Swarovski Beaded Rosary Bracelet Collection

If you have read my previous post you'll know the story behind this latest creation. Last week I made three (3) more color to join the Swarovski Beaded Rosary Bracelet Collection.

Actually these are the readily available colors I have, I'm doing the white crystal AB soon, I have to get the lacking materials first.

These are the new additions:



Jet Black AB


10 pcs 8mm Swarovski Faceted Round Crystals
1 pc 10mm Swarovski Faceted Round Crystal
14 pcs 4mm Swarovski Bicone Crystals
6mm 14k Gold-Filled Wire
1pc 3mm 14k Gold-Filled Ball Spacer
1 pc large 14k Gold-Filled Spring Locke

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Nail Polish: Etude House My Cotton Candy Nails

I was wearing a set of yummy cotton candy nails last Easter.
Each having different shades all from the "My Cotton Candy Nails" line of  Etude House. 

Drum roll! These are my yummy choices:

thumb: CPK001 Dancing Ballet Shoes
 a touch of peach and pink combined.

point finger: CGR701 Dreaming of Green
a cool and refreshing sea green shade

indoor with flash "on"

middle finger: CPP501 - Look at Her
 a light lavender shade you'll surely love

ring finger: COR202 - Longing for Spring
 a touch of orange just perfect for spring
outdoor - shaded
 and finally for the
pinky finger: CBE101 Two Teaspoon of Sugar Lemonade
 as the name implies, it's like sipping a refreshing lemonade.

outdoor - direct sunlight

 My nails are ready for summer. How about yours?
I'll wear them again on my nails by mid-summer. :)

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Nail Art: Floral Chic

Here's the nail art design on top of the Revlon Chic. And I'm calling this particular nail art as "Floral Chic", the reason is obvious I think.

The flower + dots were painted using acrylic paints.

These are photos taken indoor with flash "on".

And below are under the midday sun.

I think I was able to give justice to this nail art. What can you say?

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nail Polish: Revlon Chic

I purchased this nail polish back in December 2012. Robinson's Department Store was on Christmas Sale and that time Revlon products were also discounted at 25%. I bought, I think 6 bottles but on different dates just not to feel the big pocket slash, lol.

One of them is the Revlon Chic.


Chic is a grey blue, sea green, almost a teal blue creme nail enamel from Revlon. The formula is quite good, with just two coats you'll obtain full opacity. But I prefer a three coats on my nails for a heavy deep color.


These are the swatches taken indoor with flash on.

By the way I used the same nail polish for my fireworks nail art here.

These are from outdoor while the sun was shining so brightly.

For me this nail polish looks great indoor that when sun lighted, it looks dull for me.

Let's see how it will turn out with flowers over it.

Stay tuned!

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