Sunday, December 15, 2013

Nail Art: Forget Me Not

Hooray!! Our handmade Swarovski jewelries orders for December are now in my sister-in-law’s hands and our beloved clients. I hope that the extra small trinkets that I’ve made will be sold out too this season. Cross fingers!
Since I’m done, I’m taking a break from wires and crystals and time do some nail art. Yep! It’s been a while since I had my nails painted, held the brush and paint something on it. 

Not fixing my nails for more or less eight months made me a newbie again (O yeah! I never been a professional either..hehe)

Anyway, to start my nail art adventure once again, here’s the easiest nail art that I can think of, no other than flowers. Actually, I tried doing something Christmassy, unfortunately the nail art spirit of my hands have not returned yet. Toinks! I consumed more time in painting then wiping them away, I couldn’t really get it right. sigh!  Just to be able to accomplish something, I decided to paint simple flowers.

For the base color I used Dazzle Dry Forget Me Not. I’ve been yearning to use this polish ever since I bought them few months ago but wasn’t able to, because I was pregnant. Although, Dazzle Dry is said to be pregnant safe, but still I hesitated. Now that I have given birth I can freely have them on my nails. Yippee!

As a first time user of Dazzle Dry, I really had a hard time applying them of my nails. Because it is a fast dry nail polish (dries rock hard in 5 minutes, as implied), I had to act fast to be able to evenly spread the formula on my nails. 

I wanted full color or full opacity so I usually go for 3 coats like what I have here.

Then, using acrylic paint and nail art brush I carefully painted 5-petal flowers on the nails. I admit I had hard time painting them. My hands were trembling while holding the brush.  Nevertheless, I still survived and was able to finish the task.

 Hope next time I’ll be able to paint more and create more designs. If not, having a plain colored nails is good enough for me than having no polish at all. After all nail polish is like a lipstick to me… J

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