Monday, December 2, 2013

Know Your Birthstone Crystal Color

If you are confused which color you like to be made into jewelries, worry no more because you can always start with your birthstone color. 

The chart below will guide you which Swarovski Crystal color will fall on you birth month.

After having you birthstone color, later on you can mix and match the crystal colors that will suit your taste and style.

Happy Crystal Tuesday!

credits: individual bead photos courtesy of artbeads


  1. Aquamarine ako. hehehe. but I am not into jewelry kasi. Maybe I will buy emerald na lang in case. hehehe

  2. Aquamarine ako but I will buy emerald, in case. hehehe

    allan (

  3. I'm Zircon. I thought I was under the shade of turquoise. Or is it the same? color blind ako.

  4. I love the GARNET color! kasi represents my birthday din..:)

  5. The chart is a wonderful tool. TY! My stone is the Peridot but I'm not so fond of it. I love warmer stones like amber and garnet... :-)

  6. Thanks for the info! Im a zircon stone pala! I think Im also a turquoise :)


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