Friday, October 25, 2013

All White, All Black and a Combi Swarovski Bracelets

I've mentioned in my previous post that I'm taking off my crafty hands from crocheting for now and return to my handmade jewelries because orders from my sister-in-law came in two weeks ago.

Sadly I wasn't able to start making what were listed right away because I ran out of materials which I only was able to get this week.

But before going to the orders, I made these three bracelets first for my office mates.

This design is one of the best sellers because aside from "according to my clients" it is simple and pretty, it is also one of the cheapest at P570.00 only. I already made a lot of this bracelets in different single tone and multi-color combinations. My creations never fail to satisfy my clients. char! hihihi    

Anyway, these two JCB-37 of pure swarovski white ab crystals and pure jet black ab crystals are for Ma'am Annie. Actually, I already made the same for her before but she gave it to her cousin so she asked me to make them again.

And the 3rd one is a combination of the two colors above for Ate Faith. Ate Faith is also my "suki" she already got quite a number of bracelets and pendants from me. And according to her she love my works because they are quality made. Thanks for the compliment.. hehehe shy!

Sorry for the not so good looking pictures, I wasn't able to get decent photos and only have camera phone that time.  :(

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Crochet Bumble Bee Hat

I'm taking a break from crocheting for now and return to my crystals because orders just came in. But before doing so, I had to finish first my crochet beanie project, a cute bumble bee design hat for my son.


This is actually my first project wherein I followed a written pattern. Yep! Congratulations to myself because I can slowly understand crochet patterns now, though I still need the help of the ever reliable internet for stitches that I still do not know. Like in this project, I learned how to make magic ring and single crochet decrease

This project was made by yours truly with the help of a pattern from Sarah  of called the Crochet Bumble Bee Hat.

To start with I used two 18 grams of Monaco Acrylic crochet yarns (yellow and black), size H hook and yarn needle.

Doing the hat is quite easy though, I can actually made it in just few hours hehehe (pero hindi straight ha... may long breaks in between hehehe) yabang ko noh! hehe

And now for the antennae. The hardest for me, because I did 2 trials before getting the "not so right" pair of antennae but considerable na rin.

I stuffed the antennae with black yarn, so it will  stick up a little. This is also where the yarn needle came in, sewing the antennae on to the hat.

And the finish product! charaaaaan!

The Bumble Bee Hat....

So what do you think?

I will post photo of my son wearing this hat soon...

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Crochet Bee Happy Flower Ponytail

My first ever crochet project was the Rose Flower Ponytail, and I love so it! Because of that, I decided to make another ponytail this time with a flower design called Bee Happy Flower. The pattern and instruction was based on the video tutorial posted by The Crochet Crowd.

To start with the I used black and white local Red Heart yarns and G6/4.00mm hook.

Following the video tutorial was so easy, beginners like me can simply get through with it. I think I can make the flower in just few hours if I devoted most of my time, but because of busyness I just can't. 

So here's how it looks like, a black and white combination flower that is similar to a pom-pom.

Later attached a black cloth rubber band using white yarn and a crochet needle.  

There goes the finish crochet hair accessory...

And when attached to my hair...

I asked hubby how it looks like and according to him, parang "commercial" din ang dating.. hehe.. hindi halata beginner and gumawa..

That's it friends my 2nd crochet project... what's the verdict?

Suggestions and constructive criticisms are very much welcome.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Crochet Rose Flower Ponytail

I was undecided on what project I should start with. I thought of a headband, a shrug but I ended up making a flower and made it into a ponytail.

Yep! my first project was a rose flower that I made with the help of a video tutorial from sheru studio. As I've mentioned in my previous post I still can't understand written patterns, video tutorials are more of help for a beginner like me. 

Using a local Read Heart yarn and an H8 5.00mm hook I was able to create a 4.5 inches diameter flower.

Then attached it with to a black rubber ponytail.

And here's the finish product on my son's yaya's hair.

 Looks good to me..hehehe love your own eh..

How about you? What's the verdict? winks*

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