Saturday, September 28, 2013

Learning Crochet

I’ve mentioned in my other blog two months ago that I wanted to learn crochet, because I personally want to make baby accessories made of crocheted yarns. I saw a lot of cute baby stuffs in the net and so determined to make some for our jewel that will be coming in December.

Learning from the very beginning was never that easy, because I have to learn the terms and abbreviations to be able to read patterns, which until now I still can’t, I rely mostly on tutorial videos in Youtube which are easier to follow. 

Materials like yarns and hooks are also something to be familiar with. I have hard time finding hooks here in the city. The ones available are stainless hooks that are only applicable to crochet threads. Yarns have bigger strands that require bigger hooks too. 

Because I really want to have those big hooks, I searched for them online thru and bought myself 1 set of Susan Bates Aluminum hooks at P495.00 + P160 shipping cost. Expensive huh! I know but I have no choice.

As of for the yarns, local ones like the Red Heart brand are available in Gaisano City, while Monaco Acrylic yarns are available in Everbest, a textile store located in Cogon, Cagayan de Oro City. 


I think I’ll settle for the local ones for now, when the time comes and will be able to visit Metro Manila I’ll get myself imported yarns of different materials and see the difference.

Meanwhile, I still have to continue practicing and reading so that I can really make what I aim to. 

Watch out for my next post... My first completed project...

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