Monday, July 29, 2013

Handmade Accessories Ready for Delivery

 I received these orders from my SIL last month. And because of so busy schedule with less free time, it took me almost two months to complete them.

I spent my weekend creating these handmade jewelries that I'll be delivering to my SIL personally because, I'll be flying to my hometown tomorrow. Yipeee! Actually I'll be attending a meeting with our counterparts in the power industry together with my boss and colleagues. So that means I got to see my big brothers and the rest  of the family tomorrow for free.

Meanwhile, I'll be bringing with me 54 pieces of swarovski accessories that includes, bracelets, earrings and rosaries. Most were old designs + some latest creations.

I'll be posting the new designs I made in my next series of posts.

For now, I have to hit the bed because I have to be up by 3:30AM, our flight is scheduled at 6:25AM.


P.S. this post was written using my smartphone. Kaya pasensya na muna. :-)

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Printed Heart Manicure Set

I saw this very heartful manicure set at Avon brochure last month and immediately, I got attracted to it. A heart shaped PVC  metallic pouch and with hearts printed manicure tools, make the set really really lovely.


Although I already have the basic tools, I still got this set simply because of the design and plus I needed another pair of nipper.

The set includes a stainless steel nail file, carbon steel scissors, red brush, stainless steel nipper, carbon steel nail clipper and 2-in-1 cuticle pusher and nail cleaner.


So far I already used the nail clipper, nail file and the nipper. Although at first I had difficulty in using the nipper but with just a drop of oil at the joint part it became manageable.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

My First Dazzle Dry Babies

This is the batch of nail polish that I mentioned before that I have purchased last month with consideration that they are pregnant safe.

Because according to their website/FB page:

"Dazzle Dry is the only Vegan, Nail Strengthening, Non Toxic, Non Yellowing, Hypoallergenic Nail Polish system that DRIES ROCK HARD in 5 Minutes and is SAFE for pregnant women & children."

Dazzle Dry is free of harmful chemicals such as Toluene, DBP, Camphor, Formaldehyde and is the first and only polish that is free of Nitrocellulose. 

I really wanted them in my haul so, I ordered them online. I was planning to get the colored lacquers only but according to them, the polish will work better with the Trinity Kit. I don't want to waste my money on nail polish that will chip easily so I did got the Trinity Kit as well. 

The Trinity Kit 3-Piece Nail System consist of  a Nail Prep, Base Coat and the Top Coat.  I'll make another post when I finally got to try them.

For the colored polish I got myself Sahara (yellow), At First blush (white), Forget Me Not (blue shade), Casablanca (also of blue shade), Forbidden Passion (brown) and the Morning Dew (of green shade).

I so want to try them on my nails because I have invested a lot on this set but I have to hold back. Hubby agreed to pay my orders at the bank with condition that I will not use them until next year. I agreed because I already did my orders and I don't want to cancel it.

Anyway these Dazzle Dry pretties can wait for 6 months more. So friends wait until I got to try them and hopefully create pretty nail arts too..

Oh by the way as a first time client, Ms. Gina sent me a bottle of cuticle remover for free. Thanks so much for the freebie. :)

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Toxic Chemicals Found in Nail Polish

Nail polish addicts like us, wanted our nails to look fabulous everyday, we love to change our nail polish every now and then. But as much as we wanted to do these over and over again we also have to think twice and need to read the label carefully. Because we'll never know that the nail polish brand that we love so much may contain harmful chemicals.

photo not mine

Research shows that these are the top three chemicals found in some nail treatment products are toxic and are definitely harmful.

Phthalates alias dibutyl phthalate (DBP), diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) are plasticizers that make the nail polish chip-resistant and fragrances to last longer. It may cause reproductive toxicity, nervous system toxicity, developmental delays, endocrine (hormone) disruption, neurotoxicity and lung problems in human.

Toluene also known as methylbenzene is an industrial solvent that are used in manufacturing paints, gasoline or shoe polish. It dissolves chemical substances that makes the application of nail polish smooth and stick to the nails. According to studies, toluene has central nervous system effects which includes seizures, coma, cerebral and cerebellar degeneration, decreased cognition, blindness, and many others. It also affects other body systems, including your heart and lungs with symptoms ranging from acute (asphyxiation) to chronic (acute lung injury.).

Formaldehyde is colorless gas that are found in nail-strengthening and cuticle treatments. It is actually a preservative, disinfectant and hardener in cosmetic products.  Formaldehyde can cause contact dermatitis, blistering, and chemical burns. Low exposure may lead to eye, skin and respiratory tract irritation while high exposure can cause irregular heartbeat, pulmonary swelling, and even death. 

Nail polish lovers out there let's be vigilant. We don't want this chemicals to affects us right? Let us choose products that are free from these toxins.

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