Friday, April 12, 2013

Nail Polish: Etude House My Cotton Candy Nails

I was wearing a set of yummy cotton candy nails last Easter.
Each having different shades all from the "My Cotton Candy Nails" line of  Etude House. 

Drum roll! These are my yummy choices:

thumb: CPK001 Dancing Ballet Shoes
 a touch of peach and pink combined.

point finger: CGR701 Dreaming of Green
a cool and refreshing sea green shade

indoor with flash "on"

middle finger: CPP501 - Look at Her
 a light lavender shade you'll surely love

ring finger: COR202 - Longing for Spring
 a touch of orange just perfect for spring
outdoor - shaded
 and finally for the
pinky finger: CBE101 Two Teaspoon of Sugar Lemonade
 as the name implies, it's like sipping a refreshing lemonade.

outdoor - direct sunlight

 My nails are ready for summer. How about yours?
I'll wear them again on my nails by mid-summer. :)


  1. Must get my hands on that lemonade yellow!

  2. Very neat, sis. I'm still wearing "just cut" nails. For the love of me, why don't I like painting my nails!!

  3. super like! very summer-y! i like the color combination! good job sis! :-)

  4. Love the yellow one sis. I can't wait to try one to myself.

  5. I like them all! I especially love Dreaming of Green and Sugar Lemonade. Makapunta ngang Etude House. :D

  6. I love this line! I really need to visit an Etude House soon.

  7. I love this line! I really need to visit an Etude House soon.

  8. love it most especially the pink, yellow and light lavender


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