Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bella Dagling Earrings

I had this cube swarovski crystal in my bead box for quite sometime already but I had not thought of anything to do with it yet until today.

I decided to make use of this cube swarovski crystal and created a simple dangling earrings. Attaching two half inch 14k gold-filled wire as embellishments and viola I had a simple yet elegant looking earrings that can be worn everyday.

What do you think?

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nail Polish: Revlon Iced Spice

One of my online find is this nail polish that has coral shade from Revlon. This particular color is called the Iced Spice. Got this at a discounted price of P140.00 at Beauty for Less, the retail price at malls is around P250.00 per bottle. Great SAVE for me.

What I love about this coral shade polish is that it has gorgeous smooth finish. With just two layer application using its long slender brush, I had an elegant peachy looking nails. :)

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Nail Art: Half Flower on the Side

After trying on one of my newly purchased China Glaze nail lacquer, Make Some Noise of the Electropop Collection, I thought of adding nail art to it. As usual, I hadn't think of anything to paint but flowers (as I've said before, I'm mastering the art of making flowers, lol).

Anyway, I really love how this design looks on my nails. I love the colors too, it did really blend well with the base color of redish/tangerine/pinkish shade. I'm calling this design the 'Half Flower on the Side", obviously because I placed the flowers on the side of the nails.

The design were drawn using acrylic paints and detailing brush and were sealed off using China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat.

These nail art had stayed on my nails for 5 days, later on I'll be removing it and will be replacing it with other design. I do hope I will not be flowers again. yikes!

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nail Polish: China Glaze Make Some Noise

Since my budget limits only up to 4 bottles of China Glaze, choosing the first 3 colors from various shades of China Glaze was a bit confusing. After brainstorming Make Some Noise made it in the list.

Make Some Noise is some what with a reddish/pinkish/tangerine sheer creme lacquer that belongs in the China Glaze Electropop Collection for 2012 Spring.

Though it looks great in two coatings, but I liked it best after applying the third coat. 

It looks great on my nail, I can even wear it everyday. :) 

I swear I will never regret having to spend more for a nail polish. :)

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

My First Set of China Glaze Nail Lacquers

While hopping on different blogs about nails, I always encounter China Glaze on their collection, an imported brand from US. Naturally, these nail polishes are quite expensive when you convert it in Philippine Peso. But because I become addicted to nail polish and have wanted to own few bottles from well known brands, I have searched multiply for sellers that sell these stuffs online.

Last week, I have clicked the "BUY" button of an online shop and had purchased 4 bottles of nail lacquers from China Glaze. 

I got two shades from the Electropop Collection namely the Kinetic Candy and Make Some Noise.

P 320.00

P 320.00

 One from the Island Escape Collection, the Electric Pineapple.

  P 320.00 

And something that I really wanted to have a fast drying top coat (because I only use local top coat that took several hours to dry, very frustrating!) CG Fast Forward Top Coat.

P 365.00

China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat really makes wonder. It does dry in seconds after you apply in on top of your favorite nail polish.

These are the the nail lacquers that I bought online, I slashed off P1,325.00 from my Globe Gcash savings. I hope to get other shades too, after several months. Meanwhile, I have to save up first to cope up this costly addiction.

Oh, I'll be posting later on swatches of the above lacquers. ciao!

Have a Nice Day!

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nail Art: Caronia Baby Pink with Dainty Flowers

After having the Desire for Flowers on my fingers for 24 hours, yesterday I decided to create another set of flowers on my nails using my newly purchased Caronia nail polish. As usual I was hoping to get the "Tropical Doll Collection" last Friday at Gaisano Mall but unfortunately, it's not available (hayz!), so I end up buying the Baby Pink, of the Caronia Summer Bliss Collection (the only color available in the collection yikes!). Anyway, maybe next time I can get it.

For my latest project I'll call this one  Baby Dainty Flowers, because the nail base polish is Baby Pink and the flowers look dainty.

I applied three coating of Caronia Baby Pink nail polish. The color looks pretty on my nails, in an instant my hands had just transformed into a teenager's hand lol.. 

Applying light colored nail lacquers are kind of tricky for me, I need to practice more so that I can easily apply it evenly.

Next for the design, I made another set of flowers but this time I added stems to make it different from the last time. I called it dainty because these are the smallest  I made so far using acrylic paint and detailing brush. 

Here's the finish project on my left hand, I photographed it myself yesterday right after I made it, I'm afraid I'll ruin the design if I'll wait few more hours.

Luckily this morning, my nails were still intact. And since my husband is around (no duty today), I asked him to take this photo.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nail Art: Desire for Flowers

Last night, I finally had removed my cherry blossom nail art, but wasn't able to do another design on my nails until a while ago, because I have to play my priority role first, i.e. "a mother" to my 18 month old son, who had slept very late last night (his unusual sleeping time).

But anyway,  now that I have time to do something on my nails, I made another set of flowers on it. I think I have to master flower designs first before going into another. yikes!

For the base nail color, I chose lacquers this time from Caronia. I used White Satin for the ring finger and Desire for the rest of the fingernails. 

Desire is one of the colors of Caronia that I got last Saturday at SM City, CDO. Actually I was looking for the their "Tropical Doll Collection" but sad to say I wasn't able to find it. I'll have to check out other stores for the collection, and I hope to get it soon.

And now for the design, these flowers that I sometime look at it like "sunny side up fried eggs", I should have used red on the flower center, lol were drawn using acrylic paint and a dotting tool. This time, I already know how to adjust the consistency of the acrylic paint just by adding a drop of water.

The petals are not that perfect yet (need more practice). But still the red/yellow flowers on the white satin base look really great for me, so I think I'll settle on this design for now until I find time to redo it.

What do you think?

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Nail Art: My Version of Cherry Blossom

Weeh! I'm so proud to share to you my version of Cherry Blossom Nail Art inspired by Simply Rins that I have done last Saturday. And until now it's still on my nails, seems like I don't want to take it off because this is my best work to date. Yippee! (Sorry, I'm praising myself again! lol)

Using a dark base color nail polish and light colors for the design is always a great option (though I want to try next time using the opposite). This time I chose Bobbie's Night Bloom as base color. I'm only using local brand nail lacquers, because it's the most available here and of course inexpensive. Getting imported nail lacquers is definitely not an option for me this time, we're still saving up for my delivery which is due on August. 

Anyway, local brands also offer quality nail polish with variety of colors to chose from. Just like this nail color that I got from Bobbie. With three coats, I got a dark luscious brown-maroon color on my short nails.

And now for the nail design. 

I used white, pink and mocha acrylic paints to do the design. Honestly, my hands were trembling while doing this, I'm not a born artist that can hold a paint brush casually, but I managed to do it even though some of the petals are imperfect. 

Ever since I started doing nail arts, it always took me 2 hours at most to complete a very simple design.  But with this a little bit complicated design, I was able to do it in less than 30 minutes and take note with just a single attempt. Imagine! My very lucky day so 

What do you think?

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Inside My Polish Box

After two months into this craze I was able to collect 39 bottles of nail lacquers. Out of the 39 bottles only the LA Colour (Mettallic Copper) is an imported brand that I got from SAVERS at P99.00. The rest are local brands that are also of high quality and with different shades and colors. 

Why choose local brands? 

Aside from calling it patriotism, supporting our own products, local brands are also cheaper and affordable compared to imported brands (though I still hope to get some one of these days)

Anyway these are the nail lacquers inside my polish box the I got less than P40.00 ($1) per piece.








LA Colours

Sassy Nail Art

And in addition I also acquired a Caronia Kwik-dry.

Yesterday, I went to SM City and got my self another set of nail lacquers. I'll post it later after I have tried it, and will probably do some personal reviews.

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Nail Art: Wild Sunflower

I have known from Simply Rins Nail Arts that she uses acrylic paints to do her designs. As usual the newbie me was so curious and had hurriedly dragged my husband to National Bookstore and got myself a set of acrylic paints. I need to take hubby along because I'm not familiar with the streets here in the city yet, I might drive myself in a one-way street and get caught by the traffic enforcer. yikes!

But anyway back to my project, I finally had used the acrylic paints with these six-petal flowers. I needed only to paint 8 flowers but it took me more than 2 hours to do it. Imagine!

I had several trial and errors before I came up with a much better looking flowers that look like wild sunflowers but only with 6 petals.

 (picture not mine)

Good thing I can erase from time to time the acrylic paints using water without damaging the base nail polish. This is the best advantage of using acrylic paints to do the designs.

I hand painted the flowers on top of the metallic copper nail lacquer from LA Colours (a US brand nail lacquer that I got from SAVERS for only P99.00). The combination was great looking, even though the drawings were not perfect yet. Yeah! I'm praising my own work here.. to cheer me up! LOL..

Well, what do you think? Am I improving?

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Nail Art: Diagonal French Tip Dots

I got this design in the net, whoever had made the design first credits goes to you. 

Anyway, the design looks so simple and I was confident that I can do the same too. 

Considering I already have my dotting tools on hand, I'm hoping to make perfect dots this time. 

Using nail polishes from a local brand Rain "Raspberry" as base color, and Chic's "Silky White" for the diagonal french tips made the design looks so pretty.

And see the dots I made were almost perfect right?

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Nail Art Tools

In my quest to create a better or should I say perfect dots on my nail art designs, I've searched for dotting tools and nail art brush in our local shops here in the city, but sadly I wasn't able to find one. My last option is the internet, so I've searched for an online shop that sells these stuffs and I'm so lucky to find them at multiply marketplace. 

I've ordered the following tools and paid P390.00 for them. And to be able to avail the free shipping when I reached a minimum order of P 400.00, I included in my online purchase two more sets of these tools for my friend and her office mate who are into the craze too.

Here are the tools that I have placed in my shopping cart.

Set of 5 different sizes of dotting tools.

 Set of 12 different shapes and sizes of nail art brushes.

Set of 3  stripping brushes of different length.

With these tools in hand, I hope I'll be able to improve my designs in the future.

I'm still in the process of experimenting these tools, and hopefully I'll be able to identify which of them are best suited for me.

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