Monday, December 10, 2012

Nail Polish: Revlon Top Speed Espresso

I'll be breaking the Christmas Nail Art series just for today only to make way for my newly purchased Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry nail polish that I fell in love with after applying it on my nails just a while ago. 

Yep! I definitely love this color, brown had been on my favorites of all time and 840 Espresso of Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry Collection had joined the squad.

840 Espresso is a shimmering dark chocolate brown  nail polish. The color, the shimmer make her deliciously charming. 

I have no problem with the application. Very smooth easy. With just two coats you'll be able to obtain full opacity. But the usual me who loves heavy colors I applied three coats on my nails. 

The photos featured here are without top coat, because the nail polish itself already has a shine finish.

A bottle of Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry is at P325.00 each but I got mine at 25% off at Robinson's Department Store. I actually paid P243.75 for this yummy nail polish.

I chose to apply this pretty dark chocolate brown nail polish because I'll be attending our corporate Christmas Party tomorrow evening. Hmmm.. I'm thinking of painting some nail arts on it. Let's see..


  1. I love this color sis. I'm fond of dark colors these days. It's winter time :)

    CE 12/18

  2. Beautiful deep brown color! I love how it looks. It does look like a good base color for another of your nail art creations :)

  3. yummy color!!! likey!!!

    hello January!!! merry christmas and happy new year!!! i missed this nail blog!!! :-)

  4. I love the color, perfect for parties

  5. Looks so nice! Brown makes your hand looks fairer.

  6. Yummy dark chocolate color! Hello I'm a new follower, love your blog!


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