Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nail Art: Snowflakes

I have always wanted to paint snowflakes on my nails, but I find it so difficult. And after few trials and errors I finally was able to paint them on my nails, although not perfectly done but I think I was able to give justice to it. hehe...
I made this nail art this afternoon. My target was to complete it in less than 2-hours while my little is boy having his afternoon nap.

The very reason why I invested on fast dry nail polishes because of the time frame. 

For this nail art, I used Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Polish "510 Fire".  It did dried up so fast. thumbs up!

After few minutes, I started painting the snowflakes usi ng white acrylic paint.

I had to trim up my nail art brush to get a thinner line strokes.

But the strokes are still inconsistent. Really need more more practice. May be next year I'll be able to perfectly do this.

Anyway, my nails still look festive and very perfect for Christmas!

Merry  Christmas to My Dear Readers!

Hope you'll follow my blog. :)

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nail Art: Christmas Garland

Few more days before Christmas, few more days left too for Christmas inspired nail arts. And this my 4th installment including the one I have submitted for the nail art contest. 

Today's nail art called Christmas Garland.

For the base color I used Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry Sheer Pearl,  then hand painted the design using light green acrylic paint for the leaves, crimson red acrylic paint for the red flower and yellow for the dots.

I painted the same design on my friend's nails too, but sadly I wasn't able to photographed it.

They look so cute and dainty right?

You can try this on your nails anytime because this is so simple and very easy to make.

That's it for today. Time to hit the bed. Have a Nice Day!

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Nail Art: Poinsettias

Ever since I started nail art in March this year, I never have joined any nail art contest, that is because I don't have the skill yet. Until now I'm still in the process of learning the craft.

This month, Ms. Rina Alcantara a Filipina nail artist celebrated her blog's "Simply Rins" 3rd year blogversary, and to grace her success she hosted a nail art contest with theme "It's A Red Christmas". 

I made my entry too for the first time and was included in the 23 finalists, unfortunately I did not win as expected, all other entries are way too beautifully made. Even though I did not get those lovely prizes that I'm dreaming about but I'm still happy to be part of it. And after joining this contest for the first time, I'm now inspired to join next time and hopefully help me improve this hobby that I come to love.

So here's more of the design I made.

Have a Wonderful Christmas!

And Congratulation to the Winner of Simply Rins Nail Art Contest.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More Color Combinations of JCB-18 Swarovski Bracelet

Combination of Citrine and Crystal AB
JCB-18 is one the Swarovski bracelet that I made that sells like hot cake. Although it is one of the simplest design I made because it only uses swarovski round bead crystals and swarovski bicone bead crystals but this piece is well loved by our regular customers. Maybe because this bracelet is just perfect for everyday use.

I got an order of the original color combination the citrine and crystal ab, but I opt to make 4 more combinations and I hope this will be liked by my regular costumers. And these are;

Siam and Golden Shadow
 Aquamarine and Light Rose
  Golden Shadow and Light Siam
Peridot and Copper

Like my other creations, this bracelet uses 6mm 14k gold filled wire, relatively thick and of quality. 

Among the five (5) combinations, which do you think is perfect for you?

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Swarovski Girly Heart Earrings

I got positive feedback with my previous post the Swarovski Girly Earrings. Thanks so much! And one Mom (Mommy Olga) wanted the same design but using heart shaped swarovski crystals. 

peridot hearts
Actually I already made this design before also using hoop rings but this time I use the same locked hook that I had made for the Swarovski Girly Earrings.

citrine hearts
 A pair of this heart earrings for girls is at P120.00

rose hearts
These three Swarovski Girly Heart Earrings are already on it's way to Zamboanga City together with the rest of the jewelries that I have made in one week time (29 earrings and 13 bracelets). I'll be making another batch this week probably starting Wednesday night, hopefully and target to ship out by Monday next week.  

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Nail Polish: Revlon Top Speed Espresso

I'll be breaking the Christmas Nail Art series just for today only to make way for my newly purchased Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry nail polish that I fell in love with after applying it on my nails just a while ago. 

Yep! I definitely love this color, brown had been on my favorites of all time and 840 Espresso of Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry Collection had joined the squad.

840 Espresso is a shimmering dark chocolate brown  nail polish. The color, the shimmer make her deliciously charming. 

I have no problem with the application. Very smooth easy. With just two coats you'll be able to obtain full opacity. But the usual me who loves heavy colors I applied three coats on my nails. 

The photos featured here are without top coat, because the nail polish itself already has a shine finish.

A bottle of Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry is at P325.00 each but I got mine at 25% off at Robinson's Department Store. I actually paid P243.75 for this yummy nail polish.

I chose to apply this pretty dark chocolate brown nail polish because I'll be attending our corporate Christmas Party tomorrow evening. Hmmm.. I'm thinking of painting some nail arts on it. Let's see..

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nail Art: Christmas Cupcakes

After the Christmas Tree, here's my second installment of the Christmas inspired nail arts called Christmas Cupcakes. This is not really an original idea because this particular design was originally made by the ever talented lady Ms. Rina Alcantara. I find it very very cute so I tried making the same design on my nails although it's not as good as hers. You can checkout her tutorial.

For the base color I used Maybelline Red Comet, believe me this nail polish really really dries up so fast that is why I was able to complete this nail art in less than 2 hours while my son was having his nap on Sunday afternoon. Considering that I have to paint all of my nails that was indeed so fast.

For the design, I hand painted them using acrylic nail paints that I have recently purchased at Just Nails at P50 per tube. I like the consistency of the acrylic paints. No need to experiment with water just to get the right consistency. 

As usual the drawings are not that perfect but I think I put it together.

So what do you think?

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Swarovski Girly Earrings (JCE-05)

It was storm signal # 3 in Cagayan de Oro City yesterday December 4, 2012. We're lucky to live on high ground, safe from flood but the strong winds and heavy rains, that we're able to witness.

We stayed at home the whole day, and continued to monitor for updates on the radio. During this time I was also busy making handmade jewelries that will be sent out to my SIL in Zambaoanga City later this week. Some are orders by regular customers and some are additional stocks because Christmas is fast approaching and who knows we'll be able to sell these pieces that can be a very lovely gift this season.

I had three (3) orders of this simple girly earrings but I made seven (7) more of different colors. 


Colors from 1st row left golden shadow, aquamarine, amethyst, jet black and light rose. From 2nd row left light siam, crystal ab, tanzanite, copper and peridot.

All are made of 6mm bicone swarovski crystals, 14k gold filled 3mm ball spacers, and for the hook I used 7mm 14k gold filled wire.

Originally, I used ring hoop wires for this earrings the same as the earrings I posted here. But this time I shifted and made hooks with lock to that it will not be easily detach since this earrings is mostly used by little girls.

this is the ring hoop wire

and the new hook with lock

I chose to use thicker wire for the hooks so that it will not deform easily, although with additional cost because thicker wires are more expensive but of quality.

I'm selling a pair at P110.00 each.  Product Code: JCE-05

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nail Art: Christmas Tree

My nails are back in shape and as promised, this month I'll be making Christmas inspired nail arts. The designs may not be perfectly done because I'm still practicing my free-hand painting, but as much as possible I want it to be neat and attractive. (crossfingers!)

Today I'm sharing my first ever Christmas inspired nail art, the "Christmas Tree".

For the base color, I applied 3 coats of Emerald City of Revlon Matte Suede Collection. I love the shimmering effect of this nail polish.

For the accent nails, I used also of 3 coats Revlon Top Speed 'Stone Wash". This is my only white polish that dries up fast.

And for the design, I painted a Christmas Tree on the accented nails, of course using green acrylic paint. 

For the rest of the nails, I painted sparkle stars of white and golden yellow. Although the sparkle stars were not that perfectly done but it does look like it.

Then I added dots of white and golden yellow too to complete the look also using acrylic paints.

 The color is so Christmas right? And I find it more attractive after sealing the design with top coat. 

I only had two accented nails, because painting the Christmas Trees are easier said than done especially drawing with my non-dominant hand (left hand).

So how's my first Christmas Nail Art?


I know a lot you wants me to make a tutorial, I really want too but as of now I'm not that confident to do so yet. Maybe by next year.. :) ciao!

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