Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nail Art: Candy Skulls

I was so attracted with the Skulls Skittles nail art created by Ms. Rina of Simply Rins and I found it so easy to make. Thus, I decided to make my own version on my nails.

Using the same candy colors nail polishes from Etude House that I have used on my Chocolate Candy Ice Cream nail art that I previously posted, as base colors. 

These are the colors that I had on my nails

thumbs - COR 202 Longing for Spring
index fingersNGR 701 Fresh Melon
middle fingersCPP501 Look at Her 
ring fingers NGR 701 Fresh Melon
and CBL601 Catching Balloon on Sky for the little fingers

This is my first Halloween Nail Art, Thank You Ms Rina for the inspiration.

By the way I did, a black and white version of this nail art too, will be posting it soon.


  1. Replies
    1. Nope. freehand drawing using acrylic paints.

  2. Wow very nice halloween nails! Freehand you said? Isn't that a lot of work?

  3. You're so creative. Perfect for Halloween.

  4. i thinkn thye black and white would really be so Halloween!!!

  5. Those are really nice! I've also been practicing doing art nails but my hands won't coordinate. I can do the left fingers fairly well but when it comes to my right hands, my left hands seem to hate it lols

  6. Ang cute naman!!! :) I missed your post. CE 11/6

  7. Really cute skulls.. make me so tempted to go and invest in some nail art material. You used black nail polish to do the skull?

  8. Nice one. Perfect for the post halloween parties. hehehe

  9. Cool nails! I should give this nail art a try. Haven't had one ever! :)

  10. first thing that came to my mind was the ghosts that chase pacman! hehehe :D


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