Sunday, November 25, 2012

GR-203 Bobbie Magnet-ficient Polish

I have mentioned in my last post that, my nails were polish free for 1 week, actually it did run up to 2 weeks. I reason real was that my left index and thumb nails got broken. It broke from the side somewhere at the middle, I had no choice but to cut my nails very short and wait for the both slits to reach the nail tip.

Yesterday, I finally had my home service manicure. My nails are still too short and not that well shaped, I have to wait for few more days for my nails to return to it's usual length and shape before I can do nail arts again.

For now, I applied a nail polish that I have recently purchased at Watsons.

Have you tried magnetic nail polish? Actually this my first time to try it, I've seen it department stores but never bothered to get one. 

What made me buy this GR-203 Bobbie Magnet-ficient Polish, is the color. I so love green, or anything with shade of green. I also got the GR-101 also of green shade (hehe). 

Bobbie Magnet-ficient polish comes with a magnet.  The magnet is already embedded on the cap cover you can detached it anytime. You can chose either a line stripes or a star design.

P 79.75 at Watsons

For this particular post I chose the stripes design, you can follow the steps below. Instructions are also written on the cover cap.

1. First apply one to two coats of nail polish. ( I applied 2 coats for my nails)
2. While polish is still wet, place the magnet on top of the nail with at least 1mm distance.The instruction says steadily hold the magnet at least 10-15 seconds. But in my case I counted up to 30 seconds.After that I got very visible stripe design on my nails. So easy!
3. Let the polish dry up first then apply you favorite top coat.

GR 203 is a frosted apple green when magnet applied it gets darker like an olive drab green. No problem with the consistency I was able to apply it smoothly.

As the name implies, Bobbie Magnet-ficient Polish is indeed magnificent you'll can instant design for just few seconds. I came to like this particular nail polish because it did dried up so fast. Too fast for a local nail polish. thumbs up!

By the way, just don't mind my badly shaped nails for now. I still waiting for them to regain it's original state soon.

That's it for now. Have a Nice Day!

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Cute Hearts Anklet

I have neglected this blog for too long already, I should be updating this blog and post something that I have been creating or have previously created. 

It's almost Christmas and I should be doing my crafts and send it to my sister in law. Actually, my SIL already sent me SMS regarding her co-teachers' orders but unfortunately I've been busy lately and wasn't able to get the materials needed from my supplier. I really need to do it this week.

Anyway, while waiting for me to dig into my craft box again, I just want to share this cute anklet that I have done previously. This particular piece is called "Cute Hearts Anklet" basically because the crystals used are heart shape. 

The heart shape swarovski crystal colors are of light shades like, aquamarine, light rose, peridot, light amethyst and crystal ab. Linking them with swarovski crystal ab bicones using 14/20 gold filled wire. 

This how it looks like when worn on the ankle. What do you think?

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nail Art: Royal Swirls

As much as I want to create Christmas theme nail art, I just can't do it yet because I'm in the process of resting my nails from too much nail polish. Yep, my nails have been polish free for more than a week already, and will stay that way until Sunday after I had my manicure from the salon.

Meanwhile, I just want to share to you a nail art that I have done two weeks ago but wasn't able to post yet until today. 

And I'm calling this nail art as "Royal Swirl" because the base nail polished I used is "Royal" from Revlon Top Speed series then painted random swirls on it. 

I kind of not getting the right application for this particular nail polish, I don't know but it doesn't look like that it was evenly applied on my nails. Or just maybe of too much camera flash exposure. Anyway I'll try applying it again next time.  

The golden yellow swirls were randomly hand painted using acrylic paint. No specific direction for the swirls, anything goes.

Sorry my nails are kinda of messy, I wasn't able to properly clean it up before taking photographs.
I think, this nail art also looks like a ceramic vase with uneven pattern. What do you think?

By the way somebody asked me who took photos of my nail arts. Have you noticed that most of the pictures features my left fingers/hand? That is because I am right handed and most of the pictures here were taken by myself, while others (with two hands visible) were shot by my husband. Sometimes it is very difficult extending my left arm and while my right hand holds the camera and focusing my nails. But for the sake of this blog I was able to do it. lol..
Thanks for dropping by. Hope you'll follow my blog.. :)

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Nail Art: Red Comet and Green Petals

Halloween is over and we are looking forward for Christmas. For a start I made this nail art that probably fits for Christmas I guess, because of the color combination.Green and red are the very Christmasy right?


I'm calling this nail art as Red Comet and Green Petals, because the base color I used is one of my favorite the Red Comet from Maybelline

Actually this design is similar to what I did before, "the half flower on the side nail art", but this time I painted only 3 petals per nail and embellished it with 3 yellow dots.  

I admit this design is really attractive, most of my officemates noticed it, including the boys because in my working world, out of the 150 employees in our department, only 10 of as are women.

I hope you like this nail art too. Just in case you appreciate my works, I hope you can follow this blog and help me increase my followers. I'll do the same too... thanks.. :)

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nail Art: Black and White Skulls

As promised, I'm sharing to you the black and white version of Candy Skulls.

This time I used, Revlon Top Speed Black Star. I'm loving Revlon's Top Speed nail polishes because they dry up so fast, that means I don't have to wait that long for me to be able to paint the design on top. 

Revlon Black Star 880, as the name implies has white shimmering effect making it attractively shiny especially when hit by light. With two coats it will give full opacity, but as usual I still prefer 3 coatings on my nails. No problem with consistency so far.

The eyes, nose and mouths were painted using acrylic paints, the same paints I used on Candy Skulls.

 This design looks more appropriate for Halloween, because of the eerie colors.

But no matter what the color is, this design is indeed really cute. I'm looking forward to do something similar for next year.

I hope you like this nail art too... Have a Nice Day! :)

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nail Art: Candy Skulls

I was so attracted with the Skulls Skittles nail art created by Ms. Rina of Simply Rins and I found it so easy to make. Thus, I decided to make my own version on my nails.

Using the same candy colors nail polishes from Etude House that I have used on my Chocolate Candy Ice Cream nail art that I previously posted, as base colors. 

These are the colors that I had on my nails

thumbs - COR 202 Longing for Spring
index fingersNGR 701 Fresh Melon
middle fingersCPP501 Look at Her 
ring fingers NGR 701 Fresh Melon
and CBL601 Catching Balloon on Sky for the little fingers

This is my first Halloween Nail Art, Thank You Ms Rina for the inspiration.

By the way I did, a black and white version of this nail art too, will be posting it soon.

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