Friday, October 5, 2012

Nail Polish: Revlon Perplex

From my recent nail polish finds, here's the first color I chose to apply on my nails the Revlon Perplex. This polish has been out in the market since 2010, and only recently I was able to own one and at a very discounted price tag.

Perplex is purple taupe nail polish, that I fell in love with the moment I did the first stroke on my nail. Yes, as what other blogs who did reviews before, this pretty gives off stunning purplish shimmer when hit by light and it's totally awesome. They even mentioned that it's a dupe of Chanel Paradoxal, well, who cares I don't even have that Chanel thing either. 

Anyway, I have no problem with application it has the right consistency and with two coats it will give you complete opacity, but in my case I still prefer three coatings. 

What I also love about Revlon is the long slender brush that makes the application easier.

Although, I only had this lately that is because I only discovered my passion with nail polish recently, but still I'm thankful adding this on my "NP box". As what the saying says "it's better late than not having it at all". *winks*

Thanks to my friend Ann for getting this for me. :) mwah! :)

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  1. Oh yes I've been meaning to get this color as well! Lovely swatch!


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