Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nail Polish: Bobbie Weng Weng

Aside from the nail polish remover that I bought yesterday, I also got myself one bottle of nail polish. Among the many colors, I picked Weng Weng of Bobbie's Holo-Prism Collection.

I particularly picked this one because I was attracted to it's dark gray color. I only have the one gray shade so far on my stash and this one is an addition.   

I think this nail polish have been on the cosmetic stands for quite sometimes already, but I only noticed it yesterday. huh! :(

Too excited, I applied it on my nails last night.

taken at night with flash "on"

Bobbie Weng Weng is a dark shimmering creme nail polish. Those microglitters made this nail polish totally attractive. I have no problem with the application because it has good consistency.

Two thick coatings are enough but I still prefer a heavy color that is why I applied three thick 
coatings on my nails. 

 This how it looks like without flash, taken at night. 

And these are with flash "on".

This morning I photographed my nails outside the house and these are the results.

Bobbie Weng Weng is definitely one of my favorites.

Until next time. :)


  1. I bought the blue version of this was not able to give justice to it :D unlike yours. Very chic :)

  2. I really love how you do your nails. I really should take lessons from you coz I can't even apply a single coat of polish on my own nails.

  3. will buy this nail polish soon! :)

  4. That looks nice though I don't like to polish my nails. I don't like the smell of most nail polishes.

  5. Not my fave color. But it looks good on you though. :)

  6. HI there!

    I've passed on the Versatile Blogger Award to you, because you deserve it. Details on my blog: http(colon)//bit(dot)ly/V3QPOf Thanks!


  7. nice! I'm also a lover ofnail polish and I will definitely look for this. :)

  8. Ooohhh I have this too! Hihi. It's one of my favorites from that collection.


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