Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nail Art: Paw Print

Wednesday last week, I finally was able to paint my nails again after six days of nail polish free nails because I was kind of infected by a dengue virus.Thank goodness it was a mild case for me, I was able to recover after four days of having below normal platelet counts. 

My ordeal is over, I'm here again doing what I love to do on my nails. Polishing and Nail Art. I made a very simple nail art on my nails last Wednesday, and I only took this off a while ago. A paw print inspired nail art, very simple and easy to paint just by using different sizes of dotting tools.

For the base polish, I used my newly acquired Revlon Nail Polish called Stone Wash

I finished this task less than an hour because Revlon's Top Speed nail polish indeed dries up very fast.

I really love the outcome of this design, simple yet elegant.

What do you think?


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