Saturday, September 29, 2012

Caronia Nail Polish Remover

As what Caronia brags about their Nail Polish Remover that it

"Removes nail polish fast without drying nails and cuticles. This acetone-based formulation is fortified with moisturizing ingredients to prevent drying and discoloration."

Well, I totally agree with it, this is so far my favorite nail polish remover because aside from the above mentioned, it also has a pleasant smell unlike others that has very strong smell. 

I got these 2 bottles of Caronia Nail Polish Remover, at Gaisano City this afternoon. I bought extra just in case I run out of stock. 

Happy Weekend! :)



  1. Hihi. I use this because of the color.

  2. At last, a nail polish remover without the drying effect. Will let my cousin know about it because she is a nail lover like you.

  3. Oh this reminds me when I was in pinas.. Coronia is a very well-known brand for nail polish. Hmmm... maybe I have to put on color on my nails too, kase off ko next week sa work..


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