Friday, August 3, 2012

New Finds from Caronia

Finally, I found what I've been looking for from Caronia although not all of them but at least I already have most of them now. I'm talking about the nail polishes from Caronia that belong in the Tropical Doll Collection and the Sweet Bliss Collection. 

Yep! although it's already rainy season here in the Philippines but still I want to own these summer shades nail polishes. I've been looking for them for quite sometime now. And I found them not in Cagayan de Oro City but in Iligan City. 
It was really a good decision for me to drop by at Gaisano Mall Iligan City yesterday before going home after an overnight vacation. 

I brought home with me a total of nine (9) nail polishes + the fast dry top coat all from Caronia.

I got two of the colors from Tropical Doll Collection, Tangerine and Kiwi. Hope to get the Blueberry soon.

Three from Sweet Bliss Collection, First Crush, Sweet Surprise and Sun Kissed. I still need to find the SummerFling and On-the-Go. I already have the Baby Pink from my previous finds.

Plus these colors too.. Tahiti Brown, Pink Lilac, Purple Punch and Sapphire.

I also got the Fast Dry Top Coat and the Cuticle Sanitizer too..

Cool Colors huh! I can't wait to paint them on my nails one by one or whatever ways I can think of. lol

Until next time... :)


  1. can this be used for nail art? I wan to copy a design I saw on the internet.

  2. You really are a nail polish addict. Eiiy, what's the best brand you could suggest to me if I'll buy a set of nail polish for my wife? Thanks...

  3. I can still remember this brand's TV commercial. Catchy jingle.

  4. Nice! I'd love to put on kiwi, I like the color! :)

  5. Have you tried etude house nail polish? I won 5 sets of it sa FB contest ng isang blogger. Hindi maganda :c

  6. That's a lot of colors! Wheeeeee! I wish I can get better at applying them on my nails though. Laging may sablay eh hehee :)

  7. wow, love your nails. I love Corona brand too but cannot find it here..hehe

  8. Nice selection of colors. I still remember that theme song of the coronia commercial. hehehe.

  9. I do my own mani/ped and I'm an avid user of Caronia brand too. Among your selection, my mainstays are the Tahiti Brown and Pink Lilac :)


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