Sunday, August 5, 2012

Nail Art + Caronia Tropical Doll Collection Review

My Caronia Tropical Doll Collection is finally complete after I got the "Blueberry" at Gaisano Mall here in Cagayan de Oro City yesterday. Thanks Caronia, for replenishing the stalls of Gaisano with new colors. winks*

Actually, I was wearing two colors of the TD collection yesterday when I went to Gaisano Mall. Kiwi and Tangerine were painted on my nails alternately since I don't have the Blueberry yet.

Kiwi is described as the lime green. But for me it gives off a soft green color not so light and not so dark just perfect after applying two coats on my nails. I love the color but I had difficulty applying it because the consistency is a little bit heavy. 

Next one is Tangerine, described as red-orange. This is really a very attractive color, I really love this one. I tried applying two coats but I find it too light because of the thin consistency, but after another coat it did gave me a very attractive red-orange color. Really cool not only for summer. :)

Kiwi and Tangerine, indeed a very pretty combination.

I'm very satisfied with these colors on my nails, but this morning I found my nails with a lot of bubbles, it could be because of the wind during the drying process?

Anyways, since I already had the Blueberry, I decided to redo my nails this time using Blueberry and Tangerine painted alternately.

Blueberry is described as true blue. But with three thin coatings, I found it to be with a color of a processed cyan and I just love it. I have no problem applying it on my nails the consistency is quite okay. 

Now that I have these two pretties as base colors, I thought of incorporating Kiwi to complete the collection.

Here's what I came up, Kiwi as French tip.

I applied it horizontally at the tip of all nails and the result is indeed very satisfying for me.

Pretty cool summer looking nails huh! But still beautiful even on rainy days. :)

By the way I did a little twist by applying nail art on selected nails. Here's how it looked like...

What do you think?

Until next time...:)


  1. I love the kiwi french tip! Color blocking!! :)

  2. I like the kiwi-tangerine combi more. :) Then perhaps a hot pink French tip. I'm not sure though how that will turn out. I'm not the nail art expert here. :D

  3. Don't Caronia nail polishes dry out fast or get thick fast? Because, I kind of got "traumatized" from buying Caronia coz it only took 3 months and it has already thickened. :( I'd love to know if this has happened with you. :(

  4. caronia has been known brand of nai polish eversince. It was even being promoted in tropang trumpo before. I don't know if you have idea about this.

  5. Lovely nail colors. I haven't tried using this brand before.

  6. will try different colors for my nails next time..

  7. i like the tangerine!!! looks more red than orange but i love it

  8. Wow, your creativity never stops and I always get awe with your cute nail designs :D

  9. The last design is cute! Love it! I also like your color combination. Awesome! :)

  10. Wow! Nice one again. A good theme for blocking colors :)

    Visiting from BC Bloggers Comment Exchange.

  11. Very lively and colorful ^^. BTW ^^. I would love you to visit my blog “ miss JHENZ “ Have a great week ahead!

  12. I didn't know Caronia has this Blueberry color. Looks good on you :)


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