Saturday, August 25, 2012

Nail Art: Yummy Strawberry

Finally, I was able to make my own version of strawberry nails. Yep, yesterday I've done this on my nails and I guess it turned out pretty well.

For the base color, I used Cherry Blossom. A shimmering light red nail polish from Bobbie.

And for the design I made it using acrylic paints.

I was too excited to take photographs without even bothering to clean up the excess paint.


What do you think?

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nail Art: Steaming Cup of Dark Chocolate

I've been busy the past few days and had kept my nails polish free for about 2 days, that is because I had to do our laundry. Our two helpers got sick and had to go home for the meantime. I was so worried also because I'll be reporting back to work tomorrow and nobody will look after our son, while hubby and I are at work. We're so thankful that God had answered our prayers, because our former helper had agreed to stay with us until my son's Yaya's return.

Hence, I was able to do my nails too. winks*

Going into my nail polishes box, I picked San San's Burnt Copper that I have bought two weeks ago at HBC. Burnt Copper for me had a dark brown-black shimmering shade color. I applied three coats and got this yummy dark chocolate. yum yum...

That is why I thought of having cups of steaming dark chocolate on my nails as my nail design for today, inspired by a Filipina Nail Artist, Rina. The timing is so perfect because it is raining outside, and I definitely need a hot drink.

I doodled the design first on a piece of paper and did some practice until I was able to draw the cup nicely.

Then off I goes to my two ring fingernails. Two fingers will do because it took me several trials and errors before I got it right. It would be a torture if I had to draw this cup on all nails.

So, what do you think? Did I get it right? I hope you like it.

Goodnight for now.

I had to ready my things for tomorrow's first day of work after 60 days leave. ciao!

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nail Art: Tahiti Brown + Pink White Flower

I had "champorado" for breakfast this morning, that is why I chose Caronia Tahiti Brown to be my nail color for today until tomorrow or the next day that depends on my mood or how long this nail polish will last. lol..

Caronia Tahiti Brown for me is a deep chocolate brown creme nail polish. I had no difficulty in the application, the consistency is good and with 3 coats I got a rich yummy chocolate brown on my nails. Just perfect for the morenas. 

Also, it dries up so fast, that is why I was able do a flower nail art right away.

This time I had a pink and white combination for the flowers.

And it works really well, the flower did stand out.

Caronia Tahiti Brown is already one of my favorite base color. winks*

See you next time! 

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Nail Art: Pink Lilac with Flower

Today, I had Caronia Pink Lilac on my nails. Actually, I really do not know how to describe this color.

I searched the internet and found the hex color code for this one instead, the 5D4157. Sorry for the pictures, I couldn't get the exact color. The swatch below is the actual color on my nails.

Accordingly, 5D4157 has a color combination of 37.96% red, 26.53% green and 35.51% blue.

I had difficulty in applying this nail polish on my nails because the consistency is quite thick. Overall the color is good but it does not compliment my skin complexion, it made my hands look so dark. I think this will work with the mestizas. :)

Anyway, since I have tried it already might as well draw something on it. And I chose flowers again but this time the flowers' petals have two colors.

The base petals are combination of red, white and yellow acrylic paints with an outcome color nearest to chestnut rose. Then, partially overlayed it with white paint just to stand it out. 

But still, I'm not that satisfied with the result.

What do you think? 

Quite dull for me. Maybe next time I'll redo this and chose a more striking color combination. :)

Watch out for it... See you next time...

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mont Bleu Crystal Nail Files

I love to manicure my nails and even do nail arts on them. But every time I reshape my nails I always end up using my available nail files that are made of metal and emery boards. From time to time I have to dispose them and buy another because the longer time I used them it will leave my nails unsmooth. And also, buying nail files from time to time is very costly. How I wish I can find nail files that are hygienic and will last long even with severe usage. 

Today I came across a website that offers crystal nail files that are of high quality and durability. Mont Bleu nail files are non ordinary nail files they are made of tampered glass from Czech Republic, the leading glass producing country. Crystal nail files or also known as glass nail files are very efficient in smoothing and shaping nails, they will never splinter your nails like metal or emery board nail files and most of all they are very hygienic, easy to clean and can be sterilized in various ways. 

Aside from that, Mont Bleu nail files are very stylish. They offer not only clear and colored glass nail files but also they have wide selection of decorated glass nail files, from hand painted to luxuriously Swarovski Crystals decorated.

These crystal nail files are not only for manicurist used, but also a very elegant and pretty tool to gift ourselves and to our love ones.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nail Art: Hearts On the Go

After I took off my Perfectly Purple nail design, the next color that I have tried from Caronia Sweet Bliss Collection is On the Go.

photo taken with flash on

I love this color too. I'm becoming a big fan of Caronia now that I have tried some of their unique colors. I still have more on my box that I have not tried yet. winks*

On the Go is described as an aqua blue. For me it is more like a dark turquoise and nearest to teal, with sheer creme formula very easy to apply on nails. I had two coats on my nails and the color really rocks! Same with First Crush it dries up faster.

photo taken using natural light

with natural light

With just few minutes, my nails are ready for another nail art design. 

I'm calling my nail art for today as Hearts On the Go obviously because I have used Caronia On the Go as base color, and drawn hearts on it.

The hearts were drawn with no specific look or consistency of the shape because honestly I cannot maintain my hand strokes. It was my first time to draw something using nail art pens. Most of the previous designs were painted using an acrylic paint.

Nevertheless, the design turns out pretty and neat.

What do you think? 

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nail Polish: Caronia First Crush + Purple Punch

Aside from Baby Pink which I had a month ago, First Crush is the first nail color of the Caronia Sweet Bliss Collection that I have tried on my nails, and you know what, I so love it. Yes! definitely this is my favorite color to date. Or maybe I'm just bias because anything that is of purple shade is my favorite. 

First Crush, is described as the Rich Lilac. Honestly, I have no difficulty in applying this nail polish on my nails, the consistency is quite average and can be spread out easily, maybe I'm just lucky to get a better bottle compared to others who made the same reviews.

Anyway, with just a single coat it will give you a better shade of pale violet. I tried another coat and I had a perfect light purple, that I'm so in love with. winks*

My yummy purple light nails are all set for a very simple design that I can think of, a diagonal french tip using also a nail polish with has a violet shade. I chose Caronia's Purple Punch to do the job.

Purple Punch is a frosted deep purple nail polish that I got last week. The consistency is also good, I have no problem with the application.  Honestly, I find frosted nail polish easier to apply than the regular nail polish of Caronia, maybe because it has better consistency compared to the regular. 

The electric purple Purple Punch had accented very well with First Crush right? I added a strip of gray silver to complete the look and I'm describing it as Perfectly Purple.

I really love them on my nails, but this morning it chipped after I washed the dishes. I have to take this off later, after our "kasambahay" arrives from her hometown vacation.  

See you next time..:)

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Chloe Bracelet and Dangling Set

I have all the time to create something new these days because I am currently on leave from work. In fact I was able to send 2 batches of my handmade jewelries to my sister-in-law. Some were orders, some were newly designed for her co-teachers to choose.

These are two of the handmades that I have done and I called it Chloe Bracelet and Earring Set.


The swarovski crystals shapes used were 6301 bicone top-drilled pendants and 5301 bicone beads and joined using 6mm 14/20 gold-filled wire with 14/20 ring clasp.

Light siam and white crystal ab colors combined, made this set classy. 

What do you think?

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Nail Art + Caronia Tropical Doll Collection Review

My Caronia Tropical Doll Collection is finally complete after I got the "Blueberry" at Gaisano Mall here in Cagayan de Oro City yesterday. Thanks Caronia, for replenishing the stalls of Gaisano with new colors. winks*

Actually, I was wearing two colors of the TD collection yesterday when I went to Gaisano Mall. Kiwi and Tangerine were painted on my nails alternately since I don't have the Blueberry yet.

Kiwi is described as the lime green. But for me it gives off a soft green color not so light and not so dark just perfect after applying two coats on my nails. I love the color but I had difficulty applying it because the consistency is a little bit heavy. 

Next one is Tangerine, described as red-orange. This is really a very attractive color, I really love this one. I tried applying two coats but I find it too light because of the thin consistency, but after another coat it did gave me a very attractive red-orange color. Really cool not only for summer. :)

Kiwi and Tangerine, indeed a very pretty combination.

I'm very satisfied with these colors on my nails, but this morning I found my nails with a lot of bubbles, it could be because of the wind during the drying process?

Anyways, since I already had the Blueberry, I decided to redo my nails this time using Blueberry and Tangerine painted alternately.

Blueberry is described as true blue. But with three thin coatings, I found it to be with a color of a processed cyan and I just love it. I have no problem applying it on my nails the consistency is quite okay. 

Now that I have these two pretties as base colors, I thought of incorporating Kiwi to complete the collection.

Here's what I came up, Kiwi as French tip.

I applied it horizontally at the tip of all nails and the result is indeed very satisfying for me.

Pretty cool summer looking nails huh! But still beautiful even on rainy days. :)

By the way I did a little twist by applying nail art on selected nails. Here's how it looked like...

What do you think?

Until next time...:)

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