Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nail Art: Yummy Ice Cream

Taking a break from flower power nail art, I thought of something yummy to create. This is an inspired nail art from other artists out there, and making my own version is a complete fun. I hope this will look appealing to you.

I'm calling this nail art as "Yummy Ice Cream", because it is an ice cream inspired design. Guess what the flavor is?

hmmmm...Coffee Strawberry! Yep! It's a coffee with strawberry and tiny sweet white and yellow candy toppings.

For this nail art, I used Caronia Copper Rock and Baby Pink as based color.

Look so yummy? Tell me what you think.

There are white candy toppings on top of the ice cream so I'm sharing this post for Wednesday Whites.


  1. Ice cream nails, cool!

    Visiting for WW- hope you can stop by..

  2. Visiting again for PF- hope you can stop by..

  3. That is such a pretty and yummy nail art! Wish I could wear it too..

  4. wow!! you are so creative with your nail art! love it! thanks for joining last week's WW!


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