Sunday, July 1, 2012

Nail Art: Pineapple?

Since I already painted my nails with Electric Pineapple from China Glaze Island Escape Collection might as well do something like pineapple, but the outcome was not good at all. That is why, I placed a question mark on my post title because I am not sure if this nail art does looks like a pineapple. lol..

Anyway, I'll redo this again in the future and hopefully I'll be able to improve it, meantime let's settle with this one.


  1. It looks nice. But the green on them, sure makes it look like pineapple :)
    I want to do this or get it done some time in the near future

  2. This must be a lot of work I guess.

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  4. Oh, yummy!

    Visiting for MYM- hope you can stop by.

  5. pretty!
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