Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nail Art: Blue Cupcakes

I made another nail art yesterday, and I'm calling it the Blue Cupcake because the colors used are only white and blue. 

For the base color I used Static Electricity, one of the new cool shades from LA Colors that I've found at Savers, Gaisano Mall last Saturday.

I love the name Static Electricity, I felt like it represents me as a whole because I'm an electrical engineer and blue is my favorite color (as well as yellow and green.. lol).  It has a creme not so light and not so dark blue shade and already pretty with just to two coats.

I applied the nail polish halfway in preparation of the design I plan to make.

Originally, I wanted to make pink cupcakes just like what I have seen in Youtube but I decided to create it differently, that is why I painted the base color on all nails halfway and chose blue.

The result is quite cute for me, I was able to make a cupcake nail art that looks really like a cupcake. lol..

Hmmm..But I'm not that satisfied with the white stripes on the rest of the nails. Maybe I should have left the plain blue on it. What do you think?



  1. My daughters would love your blog! They both love nail art :-)

  2. I love the cupcakes on your nails!

  3. I love the white stripes and dots. Has more fun value than the plain one.

    I got a white flower with a shiny stone on the middle done. I didnt know that they use tooth pick in to create the designs.

    1. toothpick can be used as substitute for dotting tools. :)

  4. The cupcake looks so cute! The blue is really electric, heheh I've never worn blue polish, but soon I will. I bought a new bottle, but it's in matte so not as bright as yours :)

  5. Very artistic!

    Visiting for Blue Monday- hope you can stop by..

  6. I cannot wear nail polish. It makes my nails worse off. Yours look interesting.

  7. I liked it when it was just that simple blue color.
    The white stripes looks a bit messy? :3

  8. i like the first photo of your nails :)

  9. love the colors!!! who says blue is dull right???

  10. looks pretty on you! I also love blue but haven't tried it on my nails yet. maybe just maybe after seeing these photos :)

  11. So cute!!!
    I wish I had the skill to do this. I can't even do my own nails, lol. :D

  12. Your such an artist sis... I love the! In my part, this is the 1st summer that I did not try on manicure just because walang summer dito kainis... ang lamig cannot go out to make kutingting with my nails.

  13. I have never tried putting a blue nail polish I might as well do this too. Thanks for the visit I do appreciate it.

    Kim, USA

  14. I love the first photo! It looks paint-dipped and it turned out lovely!

  15. I am having difficulty finding the right post for me to comment. I am a man, that is why. But to be honest I did some nail polishing back in college. Those were just black nail polish. That was the time when I felt like I was a "rock musician", you know?!

    I tried looking at your labels, I saw that says "food" but when I clicked, still, the post is about nail polishing. LOL!

    Anyway, I saw this nail post also from one of the BC bloggers, perhaps you haven't checked this one, the nail polish here were just so cool also. This is from Jhari!



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