Monday, July 30, 2012

Package Ready for Shipping

This package is ready for shipping this afternoon.

Inside this box are handcrafted materials ordered by my sister-in-law.

I'll be sending these printed pictures (catalog) too.

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nail Art: Blue Cupcakes

I made another nail art yesterday, and I'm calling it the Blue Cupcake because the colors used are only white and blue. 

For the base color I used Static Electricity, one of the new cool shades from LA Colors that I've found at Savers, Gaisano Mall last Saturday.

I love the name Static Electricity, I felt like it represents me as a whole because I'm an electrical engineer and blue is my favorite color (as well as yellow and green.. lol).  It has a creme not so light and not so dark blue shade and already pretty with just to two coats.

I applied the nail polish halfway in preparation of the design I plan to make.

Originally, I wanted to make pink cupcakes just like what I have seen in Youtube but I decided to create it differently, that is why I painted the base color on all nails halfway and chose blue.

The result is quite cute for me, I was able to make a cupcake nail art that looks really like a cupcake. lol..

Hmmm..But I'm not that satisfied with the white stripes on the rest of the nails. Maybe I should have left the plain blue on it. What do you think?


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Friday, July 27, 2012

Nail Art: Leafy Leaves

Just done with my new nail art design for today. I called this one as "Leafy Leaves" obviously because the design are green leaves.

For the base color, I chose a pastel color from China Glaze Electropop, the Kinetic Candy. It has a cool pale blue creme color, cute and pretty with just two coats. This is one of the nail lacquers I bought online two months ago and is already one of my favorites.

The leafy leaves designs were drawn using acrylic paints and detailing brush, then were sealed off using fast forward top coat also from China Glaze. 

This is one of the easiest doodles I have drawn on my nails, actually it just took me less than 30 minutes to complete this design.

So, what do you think? Cute?

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nail Art: Solar Gold and White Flower

I'm sharing another flower nail art today. A tiny flower with white petals and red center. I made this last week and had stayed on my fingers for 2 days.

The base color is called Solar Gold. One of the shade from L.A. Colors that I got from Savers. From the name itself it has a gold glazed color, not too bright yet gorgeous when applied on the nails. What I liked about it is that, my tanned hands did not looked too dark with it.

I painted tiny flowers on four fingernails, and dots on the rest.

The result was quite lovely for me. What can you say?

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kaki @ Glitter Obsession Giveaway

Since I'm new in this nail polish and nail art addiction, with only 4 followers right now, I decided to join this giveaway that I stumbled today at Glitter Obsession. And who knows I might have the same number of followers as she had in the future.
Kaki the gorgeous lady behind Glitter Obsession is giving away 5 Brand New China Glaze OMG polishes. Why I'm happy I stumbled upon this giveaway because it is open internationally, meaning I have a chance to win too.

I only have 4 China Glaze Nail Lacquers in my box right now because it's way too expensive here in the Philippines, I can't afford to buy those from time to time. So I'm hoping to win this lacquers that Kaki is giving away.

You too can win these fabulous nail polishes, just visit Glitter Obsession. Let's join the fun!

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Nail Art: Marble and Palm Leaves

After a day wearing the Bobbie Lush and Fave Bikini, I thought of another try on water marbling. I have done water marbling a couple of times before but the results were always not good, I end up taking it off and settle for something simpler.

Anyway, today I finally come up a water marble that is appealing. I should congratulate myself for this achievement.. hooray!

I used the following colors on the swirl/marble Lush, Grass Skirt and Pina Colada all from Bobbie. The two colors are too light for the marbling, but had blended good with darker base color.

And now for the accent nail, since I already have green water marbles on my eight nails, I decided to paint green leaves on the two remaining nails, and the simplest and easiest leaf that I can think of is none other that palm leaves.

See those branch like leaves? It does look like palm leaves right?

Tell me what you think?

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Nail Polish: Bobbie Lush and Fave Bikini

Before doing my grocery last Thursday at Gaisano Bulua, I stopped by at the nail polish stall to check out for new nail colors. And I did found something new from Bobbie Nail Care Collection, the Bobbie Lush and Bobbie Fave Bikini.

Bobbie Lush is an opaque, deep-green color completely richer and darker compared to the yellow light green Grass Skirt that I got few days ago. You'll get good result with just two coats, but I preferred a much deeper green with three coatings. This is one color that I'll be listing on my favorites.

Aside from Lush, I also got this peachy pinky white creamy color called the Fave Bikini. This is one girly color, simple yet elegant. Just pretty with three coatings.

I used Bobbie Fave Bikini as an accent color on my ring fingernail, I'm still thinking what nail art design I should be painting on it. 

Anyway, Bobbie Nail Care do give us nail polish lovers out there, vast color collection. They indeed have very pretty, cool and unique colors to choose from. And the two colors mentioned above should never be ignored.

Let's see what's the next step after this review. Watch for it.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nail Art: Blue Flowers

I wanted to make something blue nail art on my nails last week. But I can't think of anything but the usual flower designs. After battling with my thoughts, I decided to wear Caronia White Rose as my base color on all nails. But before that I applied first two coats of Caronia White Satin then topped it with Caronia White Rose. I wanted a not so white base coat that is why, and this process makes the color opaque and not so white, and it came out just great. Ooopss sorry wasn't able to take swatches..

Anyway, for the nail art I used acrylic paints, detailing brush and dotting tool. By mixing titanium white and ultramarine blue, I had a light blue shade just what I wanted for the flower petals. To complete the look I chose yellow for the stigma and sealed the design with my favorite top coat.

What do you think?

So blue, just perfect for Blue Monday.

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Nail Polish: Pina Colada and Grass Skirt

Last Saturday, I found these summer shades lacquers from Bobbie Nail Colors namely Grass Skirt, Exactly Red and Piña Colada at Watsons. Although it's already rainy season here in the Philippines but wearing summer colors on our nails are still acceptable. 

Yesterday, with power interruption the whole day, with no aircon or electric fan and had not rained until late afternoon felt like summer again, thus I decided to wear two of the above colors.

Grass Skirt, from the name itself had a light green/apple green shade not bright yet not dull. With four coatings I was able to achieve gorgeous opaque color.

Piña Colada just like the best summer drink Piña Collada, it is a glaze yellow shade. With 4 coats you'll achieve a cool yellow pineapple yellow. This is actually the best bright yellow nail polish I got so far, I'm still looking for more.

Anyway for a touch of nail art, I spread some piña colada dots on top of the grass skirt polish. 

Hmmm not bad at all. What do you think?


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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nail Art: Yummy Ice Cream

Taking a break from flower power nail art, I thought of something yummy to create. This is an inspired nail art from other artists out there, and making my own version is a complete fun. I hope this will look appealing to you.

I'm calling this nail art as "Yummy Ice Cream", because it is an ice cream inspired design. Guess what the flavor is?

hmmmm...Coffee Strawberry! Yep! It's a coffee with strawberry and tiny sweet white and yellow candy toppings.

For this nail art, I used Caronia Copper Rock and Baby Pink as based color.

Look so yummy? Tell me what you think.

There are white candy toppings on top of the ice cream so I'm sharing this post for Wednesday Whites.

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Nail Polish: Caronia Copper Rock

Every time I visit Gaisano Mall, SM Department Stores or Watsons in Lim Ket Kai Mall my first stop is the nail polish stalls. I'm still on the hunt for Caronia's Tropical Doll Collection and other colors of the Summer Bliss Collection that I saw at Caronia's FB page but had never seen it in the market. If only there are online shops that sell Caronia Products, hays..

Anyway, although I have not seen them yet, I found another favorite from the Caronia colors. It's a yummy coffee like shade called "Copper Rock", I fell in love with it right after I applied it on my nails. The frosted texture makes it more attractive.

Also the color does not make my hands look so dull and dark unlike others. I have a typical Filipina skin thus not all nail colors look good on me.

I colored my middle finger with Caronia Baby Pink, one of my favorites too. This is in preparation for my next nail art project. Details will be in the next blog post.

You can also check out my nail art project using Caronia's Baby Pink here.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Nail Art: White and Yellow Flower

Hubby was chosen to become a principal sponsor in a wedding last Saturday, although I don't want to attend because I'm still not confident with my physical stature these days because I'm kinda obese, we had to tag along per hubby's request.

I have no nice outfit to wear, I have looked for something that will still fit me, and I found a white blouse and a black slacks that I have used on my son's baptism in 2010.

I have no particular nail art design on my mind to fit with the outfit, so instead I made another flower design, a white and yellow flower alternating the colors on each nail on a dark brown base.

I used a dark brown shade from LA Colours, another nail polish that I have purchased last Friday at Savers, Gaisano Mall as base color.

Using acrylic paints I painted medium size flower on each nail. I added stem with leaves on in to make it more appealing.

Although it doesn't fit my outfit but who cares lol... it looks pretty anyway.

What do you think?

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nail Art: Full of Hearts

I'm taking a break from designing flowers lately. Trying to do something different, I came up with hearts on my nails.

For this project, I used Revlon's Nail Enamel Polish "Rock" as a base color. With 3 coatings you'll get a perfect purple shade, using it as it is is already perfect, but I preferred drawing some hearts on it.

After doing so, I had a "Full of Hearts" nail art on my nails.

I did tried out several colors for the heart doodles, I'm not sure which color combination will fit well. After the try-outs, I landed with two colors pink and white. Quite attractive for me I guess, how about you will this combi pass you taste?

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Nail Art: Pineapple?

Since I already painted my nails with Electric Pineapple from China Glaze Island Escape Collection might as well do something like pineapple, but the outcome was not good at all. That is why, I placed a question mark on my post title because I am not sure if this nail art does looks like a pineapple. lol..

Anyway, I'll redo this again in the future and hopefully I'll be able to improve it, meantime let's settle with this one.

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