Saturday, June 2, 2012

Nail Art: Wild Sunflower

I have known from Simply Rins Nail Arts that she uses acrylic paints to do her designs. As usual the newbie me was so curious and had hurriedly dragged my husband to National Bookstore and got myself a set of acrylic paints. I need to take hubby along because I'm not familiar with the streets here in the city yet, I might drive myself in a one-way street and get caught by the traffic enforcer. yikes!

But anyway back to my project, I finally had used the acrylic paints with these six-petal flowers. I needed only to paint 8 flowers but it took me more than 2 hours to do it. Imagine!

I had several trial and errors before I came up with a much better looking flowers that look like wild sunflowers but only with 6 petals.

 (picture not mine)

Good thing I can erase from time to time the acrylic paints using water without damaging the base nail polish. This is the best advantage of using acrylic paints to do the designs.

I hand painted the flowers on top of the metallic copper nail lacquer from LA Colours (a US brand nail lacquer that I got from SAVERS for only P99.00). The combination was great looking, even though the drawings were not perfect yet. Yeah! I'm praising my own work here.. to cheer me up! LOL..

Well, what do you think? Am I improving?


  1. Great pics, - awesome nails!
    Happy MYM to you!

  2. Awesome results. You're really improving!

  3. Very pretty!

    Yellow Ride, would love for you to come and see it, I had fun!

  4. That's really nice. I'm assuming, that's your left hand on the picture. Was it difficult to do on your right hand?


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